Man dies from injuries sustained in Delhi fire

Man dies from injuries sustained in Delhi fire
Simcoe Reformer

A Delhi senior hurt in an explosion and fire on Crysler Street Nov. 30 has succumbed to his injuries.

Robert Weirmier, 76, was in the home at 162 Crysler Street when the incident occurred. He and Carol Weirmier, 65, were taken to hospital in life-threatening condition.
Two Delhi women out for a walk got a taste of what first responders see all the time shortly after the explosion occurred.
Adlyn Murray, 59, had just got off work around 2:30 p.m. when she was walking down Crysler Street with her friend and colleague Leticia Peters-Daigle.
Up ahead, they saw thick smoke coming from what was obviously a house fire.
The pair got to the scene and found an elderly man sitting on the hitch of a trailer next to a modest home that was fully engulfed in flame. An elderly woman stood in the middle of the street lamenting that her home was burning before her eyes.
The man and the woman were both badly burned. Worried that something in the fire might explode, Murray took the man by the arm and led him away from the trailer.
“They were in shock,” Murray said. “Everyone else on the street was watching and doing nothing, so we said `No, you have to get away from here.’”
“I still have nightmares about it,” Murray said. “It was terrible. She said `It was a gas explosion.’ That’s what she told me.”
Murray said Carol Weirmier was a former colleague at the Delhi Long-term Care Centre who had recently retired.
Murray and Peters-Daigle said firefighters arrived a few minutes after they did. By then, the injured couple were in a neighbour’s house across the street.
Peters-Daigle confirmed the couple were in rough shape.
“The neighbours said they heard the entire street rumble,” she said. “They were badly burned. I still have nightmares about it. I don’t even like to talk about it. I feel very badly for them.”
Robert Weirmier died of his injuries Sunday at a hospital in Hamilton. The Ontario Fire Marshals Office is investigating. Norfolk OPP say the fire is not suspicious.