Laptop blamed for mattress fire in Oshawa apartment

Laptop blamed for mattress fire in Oshawa apartment

OSHAWA — Oshawa fire crews knocked down a mattress fire on Thursday which was caused by a laptop igniting combustable materials.

The fire occurred at roughly 5 p.m. at 837 Simcoe St. S., a building which has commercial tenants on the ground floor and apartments on upper floors.

Alex Pilepic was working across the street at Re-Gear, pre-owned power sports apparel store, when he heard the sirens and saw fire trucks arriving.

“I saw fire men running; you never see firemen running,” he said.

Oshawa fire chief Derrick Clark said firefighters and DRPS evacuated the building and fire crews quickly extinguished the fire before ventilating.

“Alarms were audible and present,” said Clark. “EMS was on scene and assessed residents affected by smoke.”

He added that no injuries were reported. The fire itself was contained to a small area, but the smoke migrated through the building.

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