'Huge plus for this company': Company lets Clarington firefighters train on site

Demolition work has started on a vacant motel, but not before Clarington firefighters were able to do some much-needed training.

The Monde Development Group is planning to build a six-storey, 89-unit residential building on the site. Before the company began the demolition, it offered to let the Clarington Emergency and Fire Services personnel conduct training on the old buildings.

The site is on Highway 2 just west of Trulls Road in Courtice.

Deputy Fire Chief Randy Cowan said the company approached the department about doing some “destructive training and then you could go ahead and do it. Our training division went ahead with putting together a package, which includes some forcible entry.

“It’s a program called VEIS. It stands for vent, enter, isolate, search,” Cowan said.

“This is so relevant to what we are doing. It’s a huge plus for this company to step up and offer this to us. We’re so appreciative when that happens," Cowan noted. "It doesn’t happen very often, but obviously, they’re going to be in this town very shortly, so they reached out and said ‘you can use our building for training purposes.’ ”

The motel was where several people were evicted in January so Monde could demolish the property.

Cowan said is extremely beneficial for the firefighters.

“VEIS training is designed so if you have to do a quick search of a room, you had information someone was in there, it’s a quick way to get in there and isolate and make that rescue. To have it in real time and have that training is far superior to doing the training otherwise,” he said.

In a Facebook post, Monde noted, "We reached out to the Clarington Fire Department, and offered them the opportunity to use the building for drills and deconstructive training before construction starts. This week they will be practicing keeping the Clarington community safe!!

"A big thank you to the Clarington Fire Department for all their hard work and dedication. We commend you! We're looking forward to joining the Courtice community, and are thrilled to start off on such a great note," it noted.


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