How Thorold's Fire Department Is Helping Lower Insurance Costs For Some Residents

Thorold Fire has been recognized for its ability to shuttle water into situations where there is no access to a fire hydrant.

The city's Fire and Emergency Services has been formally accredited to deliver alternative water supply for rural public fire protection.

To be accredited for 'Superior Tanker Shuttle Service', a fire department must demonstrate the ability to shuttle water via tanker trucks and maintain water flow for two consistent hours without stopping.

It is issued by Fire Underwriters Survey for Fire Insurance Grading and Classification.

This accreditation will allow Thorold residents who live in rural areas to qualify for a reduced insurance premium, by providing proof that their property is served by their accredited fire station.

“We prioritize maintaining this accreditation as part of our continuous commitment to our community,” says Manoj Dilwaria, chief administrative officer. “Thorold Fire and Emergency Services has our community’s safety at top of mind at all times. This accreditation enables our firefighters to provide a timely and efficient response to all areas of Thorold in the case of an emergency.”

“I couldn’t be prouder of our firefighters for dedicating countless hours of training and preparation for this accreditation,” says Fire Chief Terry Dixon. “Being accredited in Superior Tanker Shuttle Service helps us to protect our Thorold rural community by ensuring we are able to access these areas of our City just as effectively as the more populated residential areas that are equipped with hydrants.”

A map outlining Thorold fire districts and rural areas is available on the City’s website. 


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