Haldimand fire chief urges residents to stay out of flood zones

Haldimand fire chief urges residents to stay out of flood zones
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Haldimand flooding concerns

Residents are urged to be prepared and remain alert as the flood warning remains in effect for the low-lying areas of Cayuga, Dunnville and Port Maitland.

At 5:30 p.m., Haldimand County issued an update stating that the river levels remain high throughout the entire Grand River watershed, with ice still on the water west of Caledonia and the water moving fast south of York and in Cayuga.

Residents in affected areas are being hand-delivered notices by the Haldimand County Fire Department, and are being urged to keep a close watch on the conditions, regularly checking for updates.

Haldimand County Fire Chief Jason Gallagher is strongly advising that all members of the public stay out of the flood zones and away from the shorelines of area lakes, rivers and streams as the water flow and level is very high already.

The peak flow times are expected to be on Feb. 22, around 3 a.m. in Caledonia, 11 a.m. in Cayuga and 7 p.m. in Dunnville.

The Coast Guard’s icebreaker, CCGS Griffon, has been requested to come through again and is due to arrive in Port Maitland the morning of Feb. 22.

“The flood in 2009 was due to an ice jam at the mouth of the river in Port Maitland that resulted in water backing up over the Dunnville dam. The CCGS Griffon’s early arrival has broken up much of the ice and should allow the river to flow were it should – into Lake Erie,” Gallagher said.

Haldimand staff are monitoring water and road conditions, and are in constant contact with the Grand River Conservation Authority and the OPP.

Updated flood messages will be issued as conditions develop and better forecast information becomes available.

Residents are encouraged to monitor local media, the Grand River Conservation Authority and Haldimand County websites and social media accounts for the most up-to-date flood and weather warning information.

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