Flooding to fire bans: Muskoka sets fire danger rating to high
CTV News

After weeks of flooding, conditions in Muskoka have become tinder-dry, forcing officials to set the fire danger rating to high.

Smoke could be seen billowing into the sky from several kilometres away as five fire trucks and 15 firefighters raced to the scene of a bush fire this afternoon in Gravenhurst.

"Hot, sunny days with a little bit of wind is very, very quick to start fires. I mean, a small fire can grow to a large fire very, very quickly," explained Gravenhurst Deputy Fire Chief Todd Clapp.

The deputy fire chief said the fire rating could become 'extreme' in a matter of days unless there is significant rainfall.

"That dryness is getting further down into the soil, and that's where we run into issues, like lightning strikes, cigarette butts, things like that."

Fire officials say extreme caution needs to be taken with all open flames. There is a complete daytime fire ban in place. For those planning to have a fire after 6 p.m., fire officials say you must have the tools available to extinguish the flames properly.

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