Firefighters put out Smithy's welding shop fire in Muskoka Lakes
A fire at a welding shop in Muskoka Lakes off Highway 169 was extinguished Tuesday afternoon, May 11.

Muskoka Lakes fire Chief Ryan Murrell said firefighters responded to a call about flames coming from The Smithy, at 4029 Muskoka Rd. on Highway 169, at 1:31 p.m.

The caller reported light smoke coming from the building attic, followed by smouldering and flames, where the hydropower system feeds into the work building. Murrell said he and the first fire truck were on the scene at 1:38 p.m., with three pumpers and tankers from Glen Orchard, Foot's Bay, Port Carling and Bala responding.

“Crews were able to stop the fire at the point of origin, which we believe to be the area right as the hydro comes into the building (the attic),” Murrell said.

Workers evacuated the building and crews had the fire under control by 2:02 p.m. By 2:36 p.m. Murrell said the fire was officially put out. He said they haven't reported any injuries or casualties.

“It was good work by the occupants inside the building to call the fire department right away,” he said. “It was a fire that easily could’ve been mistaken to be something they could control themselves.”

The fire department hasn't officially determined the cause of the fire, but Murrell said they believe it to be electrical in nature, noting some issues with the wiring inside the building. He reported damages estimating $10,000.

The investigation is ongoing and Murrell said they're hoping to conclude it by Thursday, May 13.

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