Firefighters checking smoke alarms
Firefighters checking smoke alarms - In an effort to prevent residential fires, the Thunder Bay Fire Service will be going door-to-door to check on smoke alarms.

Fire Chief John Hay says firefighters will canvas Thunder Bay homes to check that there are working smoke alarms on all levels and that a Family Fire Safety Plan is in place. Since the program began in 2004, there has been an improvement in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code.

“Every day we see the benefits of having a working smoke alarm on every level of every home,” Hay said in a news release. “Time and time again, we hear reports of families that are alerted during the early stages of a fire by their smoke alarms and are able to escape a fire safely.”

Smoke alarms are the first line of defence against a fire, he added.

The smoke alarm canvas will run throughout the summer and into October. No charges will be laid during an inspection, Hay said. However, if firefighters attend a fire call and it’s determined there were no working smoke alarms, a ticket will be issued.
“Almost every year we see an increase provincewide in fatal fires,” Hay said. “Many of these lives could be saved if families were prepared with working smoke alarms and escape plans.”