Fire prevention a key to stopping the wave of house fires

Fire prevention a key to stopping the wave of house fires
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North Bay Fire Chief Jason Whiteley says the rash of fires recently in North Bay is the most he has experienced since he joined the North Bay Fire Department in September of 2016.

The blaze on McIntyre Street on Monday was the fifth fire the fire department was called to within a three-day window.  

“Three of the fires have been on the same shift,” stated Whiteley at the scene of the McIntyre fire on Monday evening.  

“One of the things happens like on a fire like this, we will send all three stations for manpower and safety and we are also calling in firefighters on standby so when we have guys down here and we have people coming in from their home at 4 in the morning to man truck to maintain a level of coverage in the city.

But Whiteley says the firefighters are not complaining and they know a rash of fires is simply part of the reality of being a firefighter.  

But he says now the department will focus on fire prevention. 

“Every fire concerns me, to be honest with you,” admits Whiteley.

“Our job is really to put ourselves out of business and prevent fires.” 

He says fire safety is really a partnership between the citizens and the fire department.  

“We try to get the messages out there, they need to listen to the message and have working smoke alarms, have working carbon monoxide alarms, know two ways to get out of your house and practice these things and practice safe fire safety,” said Whiteley, noting fire prevention officers will be canvassing neighbourhoods to endorse fire safety. 

“I am hoping people are reading your articles, watching TV and really starting to think about it and make sure to test your smoke alarms tonight, make sure you know how to get out and make sure if you have kids, make sure they know where to meet and call 911 from outside. Let us worry about the fire.”  

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