Fire Department volunteers clean Gravenhurst Canadian Legion

The Royal Canadian Legion’s Harry Wray branch got its yearly spring cleaning from the Gravenhurst Fire Department.

On Sunday, volunteers from the department continued a more than 20-year tradition by taking to the parking lot and exterior with fire hoses and gardening tools.

“It’s just a way the fire department can pay its respects to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch here in Gravenhurst,” says the town’s Fire Chief Jared Cayley. “There’s always been kind of a special relationship I think with fire services and the Royal Canadian Legion all over the country.”

With the two organizations keeping pretty close, Cayley says it’s not uncommon for other fire departments to help out their local branch of the Legion.

Jim Morrow, vice president of the Harry Wray branch, says the Legion appreciates the gesture.

“We just love it because as you well know, our vets are getting older and older and passing away sooner than we’d wish,” says Morrow. “Being able to have that done for us and trying to muscle up some manpower to do it is a big help for us. Every spring we really appreciate what they do for us.”


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