Fire department doing unique training at the airport

The North Bay Fire Department has been busy battling fires this week at Jack Garland Airport. 

Fortunately, the fires are only simulations which are part of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting training.  

“In the past we have had to send a few members down every year to Rochester, New York to do the training but this year council supported us but this year we were able to bring a prof up so every firefighter can get trained in aircraft rescue firefighting,” said Jason Whiteley, North Bay Fire Chief. 

Whiteley says the training is comprised of morning classroom sessions followed by scenarios in the afternoon and evening.  

“The scenarios include initial crash fire knockdown, engine fires, landing gear fires, cockpit fires and passenger rescue,” said Whiteley.   

Whiteley also believes the training is beneficial because here they are using their own equipment. 

“It is reinforcing and refamiliarizing them to all the equipment we use,” he said. 

“We have two specifically made crash trucks that are here to protect the airport so it is using that equipment.”  

Whiteley says the firefighters are only using water on the airport and they thank Moore Propane for propane which used to assist in creating the fiery simulations.  

Training will continue tonight and wrap up on Friday.

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