Fire chief says stay off Lake Scugog, warns of unsafe ice

Stay off the ice on Lake Scugog, at least for now.

That’s the message from Scugog Fire Chief Mark Berney, who says the ice isn’t thick enough for activities yet.

He says fire crews have been called several times about people on the lake, just steps away from open water.

Durham police echoed Berney’s message on social media, warning that ice accidents can be deadly.

Although the lake might look like it’s frozen solid, police say it isn’t safe to venture onto the ice unless you know exactly how thick it is.

According to the Canadian Red Cross, the colour of ice can be a good indicator of its strength.

They say white opaque ice, or snow ice, is about half as strong as clear blue ice, which can support the most weight. Grey ice is always unsafe for any activity, since the colour indicates the presence of water.

They also say you should try to avoid heading out on to ice at night, since you’d be harder to see in an emergency.


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