Fire Chief preaches need to practice fireworks safety over Canada Day

With municipalities not hosting large fireworks displays this Canada Day, that could lead more people doing backyard fireworks shows of their own, but the Fire Chief in Quinte West is reminding you to do that safely.

John Whelan says there are a number of things to keep in mind when lighting fireworks:

– Fireworks should be handled by an adult

– Keep children away from the discharge site

– Prepare a space outdoors, only use them outdoors

– Have water readily available

– Never point them at people or buildings and be aware of the surrounding area, since conditions are dry

– Never hold onto fireworks while lighting them

– Don’t smoke while handling fireworks, or being near them

– Wear eye protection when lighting

He also says you should remember to celebrate in your social circles and follow public health guidelines, and to keep neighbours and pets in mind when lighting fireworks.

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