Fire chief offers flooding update
Fire chief offers flooding update
June 30, 2017
The Sachem
Article by: Shawn Smith

Flood warning terminated, but residents still encouraged to use caution

It was a wet weekend leading up to Canada Day — one that saw Grand River levels reach their highest point since 2008.
That, of course, brought with it flooding.
At the June 26 council meeting, Haldimand County fire Chief Jason Gallagher spoke before council, offering a timeline of events that occurred over the weekend as it pertained to the moderate to severe flooding that took place across the county.
“On Friday (June 23) at approximately 1:30 p.m., we received our first flood warning that involved Haldimand County from the GRCA (Grand River Conservation Area), in regards to notifying the trailer parks along the Grand River to monitor the water levels, as well as take action in case they need to evacuate trailers up to higher ground,” said Gallagher. “Deputy Chief Rodger Hill continued to do river watch throughout the afternoon and evening to monitor water levels.”
The conservation authority sent out a public flood warning on June 23, saying that the northern portions of the watershed had received more than 100 millimetres of rain during the early hours of the day, and that we could see the highest levels since December 2008.
“We received another flood message later on that evening (June 23) from the GRCA, with the same message to keep monitoring the water levels and update trailer parks as required,” Gallagher said. “On Saturday (June 24), we received a number of flood messages that water was still rising, and to renotify the trailer parks that flooding was eminent at that point.”
Gallagher added that Hill visited each of the trailer parks along the Grand River to renotify them of the situation. He spoke with managers, maintenance crews and some residents about the situation.
At LaFortune Park, the Haldimand County fire department was forced to intervene, as there were people taking part in recreational activities in the Grand River. Because of wet debris that was moving toward the area, the fire department asked that they remove themselves from the water.
On June 25, Gallagher said there was some moderate to severe flooding in the west end of the county.
“The trailer parks did take our warning and move to higher ground, but there were some trailers affected,” Gallagher said. “We did a river watch this morning and a lot of the water has rescinded. We are continuing to monitor it.”
As of June 27, the flood warning had been terminated, but residents are still encouraged to use caution on waterways and waterside trails.
Under the Emergency Preparedness header of, residents can subscribe to the GRCA Flood Warning System. On Twitter, residents can follow both @grca_flood_msg and @haldemerg to stay up-to-date on flood warnings and other emergency situations across the county.