Fire chief confident about review

Dryden fire chief Ken Kurz says he's confident their service will stand up. He's done comparisons with services across the north, and he says he likes what he sees.

"Oh definitely. We got to study a number of communities that are like-sized with like-sized challenges that match Dryden all across Ontario, but mostly in northern Ontario. Dryden fire service comes out quite economicalwith staffing and overall cost," he said, following the meeting.

The consultants from KPMG have not yet made any suggestions, in terms of how they would make cuts to services or staff at the city. Council is hoping to use information gained from the operational review for its 2014 budget process.

Following the committee of the whole meeting, fire chief Ken Kurz also commented on analysis of their recent survey of smoke alarms. He says Dryden residents may not be alone, when it comes to owning detectors that no longer work. He notes they're starting to see patterns in results from a recent national study.

"Definitely I think the province and the Canadian association of Chiefs are developing some new strategies for that. The numbers are, I'm afraid to say, fairly consistent across the country," he said.

Earlier this year, a spot check of older homes in the city found only 10 per cent had alarms that worked. The fire chief expected similar results across the country, adding most people forget to change their alarms after they reach 10 years of age.

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