Fire burns through Clearview home

UPDATE: Clearview Fire and Emergency Service have left the scene after a fire at a home at Sunnidale Corners.

The call came at 5:16 a.m. Dec. 5.

"A passerby called 911 and indicated there was a possible structure fire," Clearview Fire Chief Roree Payment said.

Seven fire trucks and approximately 20 volunteer firefighters responded, along with OPP and paramedics.

Firefighters entered the building and were met with heavy smoke as they looked for anyone inside, Payment said.

"We did find a couple of dog crates and we were worried some were still inside," Payment said.

Fortunately, firefighters eventually learned the homeowners and two dogs were away for the weekend, so no one was injured.

Payment said it was an electrical fire that started in the basement and spread through the home, with holes actually burnt through the main floor.

OPP closed Hwy. 26, between Sideroad 3/4 Sunnidale and County Road 10, during the fire.

Payment estimated the cost of damage at $250,000 and said the homeowners are displaced until repairs can be made to the home.

Payment also shared on social media that a new rehab tent was set up at the scene to give firefighters a break.

"It's actually the first time we've used it," he said.

The vinyl tent can be used as a warming spot for firefighters during a call.

"In the day and age of cancer prevention and the understanding that contaminants from fire are pretty well everywhere with us, in the past, one of the things that's happened is people would go inside trucks to get warm and have coffee or snacks," he said. "However, we've identified that's not ideal."

The tent allows contaminants to be expelled with a fan.

Then, as the call comes to a conclusion, firefighters can also use the tent to wash down their gear or change into new gear.

"They can wash down and stay warm and somewhat dry in there."

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