Extinguisher saves Jane Street home from big damage

Extinguisher saves Jane Street home from big damage - NORTH BAY – Cooking inside a closed in porch nearly cost a North Bay man his home on Jane Street Sunday evening when barbecue got out of control.

North Bay Fire Service was called to the scene at about 5:45 p.m. and found smoke pouring out of the eaves and vents of the evacuated home and wwere able to get it under control in a hurry.

Fire prevention officer Randy Vezina says a well-place fire extinguisher appeared to have saved the day with the homeowner using it on the barbecue successfully.

“This really shows the importance of why everybody should have a Type A, B, C five-pound portable fire extinguisher mounted at a major entranceway,” said Vezina. “If you put it near the stove that’s where the trouble usually is so you can’t get to it. If it’s by the door you can grab it and say, ‘Do I want to go back with my fire extinguisher and tackle this small fire, or do I want to keep going outside.”

The smoke turned out to have just filled the attic area through an eave open to the closed-in porch where the man was barbecuing. Firefighters vented the house and confirmed there was no further risk. However the homeowner advised to stop barbecuing indoors.


Vezina advises a barbecue needs to be four feet from anything combustible and not under anything that could catch fire, like a roof.

“People leave these things unattended and the fat and the meat start to drip and they will take off… It’s all a combustible product,” said Vezina.

The well-place fire extinguisher in this case prevented a much more serious incident. Damage is estimated at about $5,000.

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