Emergency response numbers up by 36 per cent

Emergency response numbers up by 36 per cent - WHITESTONE TWP. – The number of emergency responses the district rose 36 per cent this year - The Town of Parry Sound’s new fire chief/director of emergency and protective services Dave Thompson presented totals to a crowd of municipal representatives and staff at the District of Parry Sound Municipal Association fall meeting Friday morning.

Thompson gave the group a brief overview of how land ambulance is delivered in the Parry Sound district.

“Town of Parry Sound is the designated delivery agent for the land ambulances and what the town does is contract that service out to the West Parry Sound Health Centre and they’re considered the operator,” Thompson said. “So the medics and employees for the land ambulance are employed through the West Parry Sound Health Centre.

This service is heavily regulated through the Ambulance Act and focusing on the Ministry of Health.

Area municipalities pay for about 50 per cent of the land ambulance services and input is given through the EMS advisory committee.

“There are approximately 70 medics employed that deliver service to you for the district of Parry Sound and there’s four administrative staff that oversee administrative duties,” he said.

“In our district the way that 911 works is when you dial 911 your first call actually goes to North Bay police and at that point they break it out to the different services depending on where you’re calling from.”

Each of the area stations has at least two ambulances.

“They’re there for redundancy – they’re there if an ambulance goes down, they have a back up immediately, also for when they go in for repairs. The ambulances move a lot, they put a lot of mileage on these vehicles to the tune of within five years they put 250,000 kilometres on them,” he said. “To me, this is all about patient care, however we can get resources to the patient, be that a staffed ambulance, a volunteer fire department, a police car that is driving by at that particular time, that’s what’s important to that particular patient. The emergency services, working together through the tiered response system, that’s the method we have to provide a top-notch service to the patient…I’ll be the first to say that EMS in the district of Parry Sound would have a difficult time surviving without the support of the first response teams – and that’s mainly the fire department – throughout the district. It’s a key component of the EMS in this area.”

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