Emergency response costs could rise, mayor

Emergency response costs could rise, mayor
By Mike Aiken
Kenora Online
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It's not unusual to see firefighters, paramedics and police all attending the same accident. Kenora Mayor Dave Canfield wants the province to amend its proposals for reforming emergency response, in order to avoid added costs.

"We get a lot of duplication now. Quite often you'll see a fire vehicle and an ambulance is already there. That baffled me, but that's another day another story. The thing is the ramifications that could've come out of this, if we don't get the legislation from the province guaranteeing us that protection," he said.

Canfield is worried Queen's Park may impose a new model. Queen's Park is looking for municipalities, where firefighters trained as paramedics could work 24-hour shifts. The mayor is also concerned cross-trained firefighters might be eligible for future contract arbitration awards the city can't afford. This would, in turn, bring with it added costs for ratepayers.

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