Elderly man rescued from burning house in Campbellford

Elderly man rescued from burning house in Campbellford

Trent Hills Fire Chief Tim Blake, left, and Ontario Fire Marshal's Office investigator Christopher Partridge said Monday the cause of a house fire Sunday in Campbellford is still to be determined. - JOHN CAMPBELL , Brighton Independent

CAMPBELLFORD — Firefighters rescued an elderly man they found lying on the floor after a house fire Sunday at the corner of Cockburn and Second streets in Campbellford.

The fire was reported just before noon Sunday and firefighters were at the scene less than four minutes after. "It was going pretty good when we got here," Trent Hills fire department Chief Tim Blake said.
Flames and smoke were "pretty heavy," which made for "adverse conditions" when firefighters entered the single-storey house.
A neighbour spotted smoke in the porch and alerted a firefighter, Joe Robertson, who put the call out that a structure fire was in progress and that a person was possibly trapped inside, Blake said.
"The search team went in, found an elderly man on the (living room) floor (and) brought him out," Blake said.
He had been "overcome by the smoke."
Paramedics took him to Campbellford Memorial Hospital where he was "treated and stabilized" before being transferred to Peterborough Regional Health Centre.
The man's female partner "was asleep in the back bedroom at the time," Blake said.
Robertson woke her up with his knocking on the locked front door and she came out on her own.
She was taken to hospital but returned home later the same day.