E-K mayor ready to build sandbag walls

E-K mayor ready to build sandbag walls

It’s all but a foregone conclusion that high water levels will plague the St. Lawrence River this spring, but one local mayor has a plan.

Elizabethtown-Kitley Mayor Brant Burrow wants the township to be proactive about the high water situation by helping to build sandbag walls for the most vulnerable properties along the river.

“We know this is coming,” Burrow said.

“We know this is going to last for several weeks. And I think we have the capacity to be proactive and help our older residents and most vulnerable properties down along the deep portions of the shoreline.”

There are approximately 10 homes in direct danger with the high water levels in the township, Burrow said last week at a rally in Brockville.  Being proactive about the situation, especially when they know it’s coming, is the only way to go, he said.

Currently, the township provides a pile of sand and the bags to go with it, but residents need to fill the bags, then build the walls themselves. But building a sandbag wall is a precise science, and if the walls aren’t built properly, they can be completely ineffective, he said.

“There’s a proper method for doing it to prevent the water from cresting as the waves happen,” Burrow said.

Details of the plan haven’t been mapped out yet, though Burrow has done some research and is ready to go if council agrees. 

He’s already run it by fire chief Jim Donovan, who said he supports the initiative.

“The fire department would be willing to participate,” Burrow said.

The motion will be brought to council for consideration on Mar. 9. 

(Please check this story later for updates.)

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