Crews battling two industrial fires in Rexdale

Crews are currently on the scene of two separate industrial fires in the northwest corner of the city.

Heavy smoke and flames could be seen billowing from an area of Rexdale near Highway 27 and Steeles Avenue West at around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Toronto Fire Services said crews were responding to a number of tractor trailers on fire on industrial lands adjacent to CN rail tracks.

Toronto police said the blaze reportedly started on a carpet and engulfed one of the trailers.

At around 5:30 p.m., Toronto Fire said that the blaze was under control, but they would need to remain on-scene into the dark hours to battle hot spots.

"We're starting to de-escalate now," Platoon Chief Doug Harper told CP24 at the scene.

He said crews initially had difficulty accessing the area, but were eventually able to reach the blaze at around 4:04 p.m.

Three to four cars were impacted by the fire, but none of them was loaded with any hazardous goods.

"We can confirm currently there are no toxic chemicals on-board here," Harper said. "We have no hazardous goods, which is good news today. The contents were general combustibles. We had a lot of paper products, clothing, items of that nature."

He said crews would be bringing in equipment to take apart structures so that they can access the remaining flames.

"We might be here for quite some time. We have spot fires. In turn, it's going to be a very meticulous process. Crews need to take apart the contents," Harper said. "We're going to try and engage the property owner and bring heavy equipment to assist fire crews for disentangling the contents of these containers."

Trains are holding in the area as crews manage the fire.

Second fire about 3 km away

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., crews responded to a second fire at Carrier and Westmore drives, about three kilometres south of the first fire.

Heavy smoke was seen billowing from the scene of the two-alarm fire.

Deputy Fire Chief Jim Jessop told CP24 he was at the three-alarm fire when he was called away to attend the second blaze.

"Again, high high volume of fire, heavy, heavy smoke upon arrival. Crews did an outstanding job containing it, especially with the hydro wires above," Jessop said. "We're just into the overhaul stages right now."

Jessop said it's too early to say whether the two incidents are connected. However Toronto Fire and Toronto police are investigating both incidents, as per protocol.

Jessop said that the latest two fire incidents add to what has been an "exhausting" 72 hours for the fire service.

"The women and men of Toronto Fire have just been working to the point of utter exhaustion," he said. "Since Saturday, we have had nine multiple alarm fires in the city, literally across all portions of the city."

No injuries were reported in either fire Monday.

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