Council Highlights from the December 13, 2021 Meeting
Municipality of Clarington

Clarington Fire presents a Master Fire Plan developed to assist the organizations to better serve the community.

Clarington Emergency and Fire Services (CEFS) has a new strategic document - a Master Fire Plan developed by an external consultant. The Master Fire Plan looks at the organizational structure, service delivery and suggests improvements where necessary. The plan focuses on a business approach for CEFS and recommends some internal staffing restructuring. The proposed restructuring would allow Clarington's Platoon Chiefs to take on the daily management and operational role within the Fire Department to free up the Fire Chief and Deputies to work on strategic initiatives and develop business plans. The plan recommends additional staffing to help accomplish this change, as well as increased training for both career and volunteer firefighters. The plan also shows a decline in fires across the Municipality and recommends a shift in focus to a prevention and education-based approach as a proactive way to protect the community. Like any business plan, the Master Fire Plan also proposes measuring outcomes and achievements. The plan was received by Council.

View report ESD-004-21 and the Master Fire Plan for more information.


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