Council approves purchasing process for new fire truck
North Bay Nugget
Town council has approved a request from Fire Chief Rob Adair to proceed with the purchasing process for the replacement of the 1988 Pierce Aerial truck.
In a report to council Chief Adair stated “the 1988 Pierce Aerial fire truck stopped working. A certified technician was contacted to repair the Aerial. The cost to repair the Aerial is $24,000.00 in parts and $26,000.00 in labour. There would also be costs associated with transporting the Aerial to the facility where it can be repaired. Council directed staff to look into the costs associated with purchasing a new Aerial.”
Adair also noted in his report the approximate cost to replace the Aerial is $1,200,000.00. He further noted renovations to the fire hall door would have to take place to accommodate the dimensions of the truck and those renovations would be $30 thousand dollars. Adair added those would be the only renovations needed as the length of the truck and the structural integrity of the building is not an issue.

Adair’s report also pointed out that “the Master Fire Plan from 2017 recommended that the 1988 Aerial platform truck, which was purchased second hand from North Bay Fire, be replaced in the next five years. The Master Fire Plan recommendations were added to the strategic priorities in 2020.

With council giving Chief Adair the go-ahead, the next step will see the town send out request for proposals.


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