Costly charge for no working smoke alarms
Costly charge for no working smoke alarms
June 8, 2017
The Welland Tribune
If you’re caught without working smoke alarms, you will be charged, Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services Chief Tom Cartwright said Thursday.
Cartwright made the comment after a Port Colborne homeowner pleaded guilty Wednesday in Provincial Offences Court to two charges of failing to maintain smoke alarms and failing to install a carbon monoxide alarm in the sleeping area.
The fines totalled $2,000, the fire department said in a release.
The charges and fines stem from an incident on Jan. 19, when firefighters responded to a structure fire at 112 Oakwood St.
On arrival, heavy smoke was visible coming out of an attached garage, and firefighters quickly extinguished the fire, but not before the fire had spread into the roof of the home.
Cartwright said the Ontario Fire Code requires homes have working smoke alarms on every level and outside sleeping areas. If the home has a fuel-fired appliance or an attached garage, carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in each sleeping area, as well.
“Smoke alarms provide early warning to occupants in the event of a fire, providing the brief opportunity to safely escape the dwelling,” he said.
The chief said residents must be held accountable if there are no working smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors in a home.
“I would expect to see a lot more of those type of charges coming. If you ask for our assistance and cooperate, you won’t be charged,” the chief said.
He said both career and volunteer firefighters are carrying out a smoke alarm inspection program. Volunteer firefighters are heading out into the rural area of the city.
Mayor John Maloney commended the fire service for its diligence in protecting residents.
“The safety of our residents is of the utmost importance. Our fire department will continue to inspect and enforce the laws with respect to fire safety,” the mayor said.