City preps for evacuees from Pikangikum First Nation

The City of Timmins is opening its doors to assist in the evacuation of Pikangikum First Nation. Approximately 160 people are expected to arrive today as the residents of Pikangikum are dealing with two fires in close proximity to the community, causing heavy smoke to blow east from the Manitoba border.

Officials have reported that the community requires the evacuation of their vulnerable population as the smoke begins to impact public health and wellness.

“The City of Timmins recently hosted an evacuation from Kashechewan successfully and is able to quickly reconvene its Emergency Management team to assist another northern community in its time of need,” said Mayor George Pirie.

Pikangikum is a fly-in First Nation community located approximately 100 km north of Red Lake and has a population of approximately 4,000.

“Once again, we will be working with our partners at Gervais Emergency Consulting, the Red Cross, the Ramada Inn, and the Victor M. Power Airport to make the necessary arrangements during this state of emergency in Pikangikum,” added Fire Chief Tom Laughren.

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