City implements staff vaccination mandate
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To continue to protect the health and safety of employees and the community, the City of Richmond has made COVID-19 vaccination a requirement for all City staff and Councillors.

The move, approved by Council, mandates that all employees at City-operated facilities must show evidence of being "fully vaccinated" by Monday, December 20, 2021.

"This approach is focused on further protecting the health and safety of our entire community," said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. "City staff have worked diligently to reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19 and this is yet another way of providing reassurance of our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of Richmond residents, customers and employees."

City staff will be required to provide evidence of vaccination or a proven medical exemption by December 20, 2021. Those not fully vaccinated and/or unable to provide a proven medical exemption by that date cannot enter their workplace and will be placed on unpaid leave until their vaccination status has changed. Personal preference is not a legitimate rationale for non-vaccination.

On October 26, almost 90 per cent of Richmond residents aged 18 years and over are fully vaccinated and the community has among the lowest COVID-19 case rates in Metro Vancouver due to strong and consistent safety measures by residents, businesses and the City. In supporting the mandate, Council members declared that they all are fully vaccinated and hope that this will encourage others to do likewise.

This vaccination requirement is an important measure that complements other workplace health and safety measures that have strengthened Richmond's ability to reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19 and reinforces the commitment to making City facilities a safe and welcoming environment.

Information on this and other City COVID-19 protocols can be found at:



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