Careless fires concern Haldimand fire department
Careless fires concern Haldimand fire department
May 30, 2017
Simcoe Reformer
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(File photo)

HALDIMAND - The Haldimand County Fire Department would like Haldimand residents to re-commit to fire safety after detecting a pattern of carelessness in recent weeks.
“We’re very concerned about this latest string of preventable fires,” Fire Chief Jason Gallagher said in a news release.
“We want to remind everyone to be responsible in order to minimize accidental fires and ensure your family’s safety.”
Since mid-April, Haldimand firefighters have been called to residential fires caused by unattended candles, unattended cooking, careless smoking, and working on vehicles in the presence of flammable liquids.
The Haldimand fire service shares the following tips to reduce the chances of residential fires threatening your family and destroying your property:
* Do not butt out cigarettes in plant pots. The soil of properly potted plants contains peat moss, shredded wood and bark which easily ignites under dry conditions. For maximum safety, drop cigarettes into metal disposal units containing water.
* Never turn your back on cooking, especially when working at high heat, barbecuing or hot oils. If you must leave your cooking, turn it off. Ensure barbecues and other outdoor cooking devices are well away from combustible materials such as fencing and the like.
* Never leave a burning candle unattended, especially if animals are present. The Haldimand fire service recommends against the use of wax or paraffin candles unless in an emergency.
* Refrain from storing fuel and other combustible liquids in attached garages.
For further information on fire prevention and safety, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau of the Haldimand County Fire Department at 1-905-318-5932 ext. 6240 or ext. 6242.
Additional information is also available in the Emergency Services section at .