Car crashes into Windsor home, blamed for $140K fire
WINDSOR -- A car crashing into a home is getting the flame for a house fire in Windsor.
It happened at 1618 Jefferson Blvd. around 2:50 a.m. Saturday.
No one was home at the time of the crash, and officials say the occupants of the vehicle were not hurt.
Windsor police say the driver was taken into custody, but there's no word on charges.
CTV News spoke to Jayson Brierley who called 911. He says he was lying in bed when he heard what sounded like a crash.
"I heard a big boom," remembers Brierley. "I ran down the street and the whole house was on fire and there was a white car inside the house."
Windsor fire officials confirm an out of control vehicle crashed into the home and triggered the blaze.
Neighbours tell CTV News the family who lived at the home is on vacation.
Damage to the home is estimated at $140,000.
Windsor's Chief Building Official John Revell says the home will likely have to be torn down.
"We are not going to allow occupancy here and we are going to secure the property against people entering," says Revell. "When the homeowners are here, if they need to access the property, they will have to contact us and we will work with them."
Neighbours say they are not surprised to hear about the crash, claiming the scene is notorious for speeders.
"I'm really hoping for speed bumps, because I'm sure that will help," says Jackie Lapointe.
"Maybe the city can do something to fix this corner," adds Brierley. "There's always an accident here, it's pretty terrifying."