Busy night for Tecumseh Fire during snowy conditions
Busy night for Tecumseh Fire during snowy conditions

Snowy conditions kept Tecumseh Fire & Rescue busy Monday night, with crews responding to power line issues and road collisions.
Fire chief Wade Bondy said at one point during the evening, the station received six calls within a span of an hour. 
"It had us running around, for sure," he said.
"It's an unusual spurt of calls, but they were all weather-related, so it's not unusual for a day like today."
Three of the calls were for downed power lines. Bondy explained that the lines weren't necessarily down, but were being pushed down by branches covered with heavy snow. 
"They were just being stretched down to the point where somebody could contact them if they drove by," he said. 
Bondy said that the calls regarding the lines were all near Lacasse Boulevard and Riverside Drive, an area which is "heavily treed."
He added that Essex Power was also on its way to tend to those same power lines. 
"They are incredibly busy right now trying to keep up with all the calls too."
As for the road collisions firefighters responded to, one collision on Manning resulted in a few individuals sent to hospital, although their conditions are unknown. 
According to Bondy, the other two collisions — one on County Road 42 and the other on Highway 401 — resulted in no injuries.
Bondy said firefighters have been able to respond to all calls, though they have had to call in staff from other stations for additional support. There were 22 crew members on deck throughout the evening.
Bondy reminded the public to be careful when driving.
"Roads are slick right now, and you need to slow down and take your time and give yourself a little extra time to get where you're going."