Brantford declares state of emergency, calls for 'immediate' evacuation after flooding

Brantford declares state of emergency, calls for 'immediate' evacuation after flooding
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Parts of Brantford are under an evacuation order because of rising water levels.

The city of Brantford has declared a state of emergency Wednesday morning after parts of the city were evacuated due to flooding along the Grand River.

The city announced in a tweet Wednesday morning that it has declared "a state of Emergency due to the ongoing flooding crisis impacting the neighbourhoods of Holmedale, Old West Brant and Eagle Place. Public in those areas are STRONGLY URGED to evacuate immediately."

In an earlier tweet posted Wednesday morning, the city said "Due to flood risk, the City has issued an immediate evacuation of Holmedale, Eagle Place & West Brant," the city said in a tweet.

"Buses are available to help evacuate @ Eagle Ave & Foster St., Baldwin & Erie Ave, Erie & Aberdeen Ave. Those requiring shelter can go to Woodman Comm. Centre."

Police are going door-to-door in in these neighbourhoods, asking people to evacuate immediately.

Jeff Whitbread was one of the residents who has been evacuated. He told CBC the process seemed to be handled well.

"The police and services have been around our neighbourhood and talked to all the residents and its very calm. It seems to be pretty well organized.

"We're just going to pick up a few things and head on out to a friend's house."

The Grand River Conservation Authority said Wednesday morning "an ice jam upstream of Parkhill Dam released at approximately 2:00 am Wednesday morning. When this ice jam released it sent a surge of water downstream."

The agency warned the public in a post on its website "to exercise extreme caution around all water bodies.

"Banks adjacent to rivers and creeks are very slippery at this time and, when combined with current weather conditions, pose a serious hazard. Parents are encouraged to keep their children and pets away from all watercourses and off frozen water bodies, which will be extremely unsafe as a result of the warming trend."

Robert Putt, a resident in the evacuation area, said he woke up around 2 a.m. to the sound of trees breaking and snapping. When he got up this morning the water level had increased by about a meter.

"You're hoping not to lose property or value or have things damaged, you certainly don't want to see anyone get hurt."

Putt say's he's lived in his house for almost 30 years and has never seen flooding like this.

"It's a large amount of water and large amount of ice."

The following schools are closed because of the flooding:

Princess Elizabeth
Agnes Hodge
Jean Vanier
Ecole Dufferin
Ste Marguerite
Ste Marie

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