Another Rescue For Elgin Volunteer Fire Department
91.9 The Bend
Another successful rescue in the Gordon Falls area for the Volunteer firefighters from the Elgin Fire Department.

This is the second in around three weeks.

Chief Kent Steeves says, “A gentleman was trying to climb up the rock face to come from the river to the top. He got most of the way up, lost his footing and fell back down.”

He says the individual who reported the incident had to take an ATV and drive down the road to get cell service.

Firefighters were on scene for around 90 minutes.

Steeves says the man was conscious and speaking when he was taken to hospital, but there is no word on his injuries.

He adds this serves as a good reminder, “Nowadays there is a lot more hiking, a lot more people enjoying nature. These people weren’t swimming, but they were up there enjoying the scenery. There is a deep ravine there that is sometimes hard to get out of. Knowing your surroundings, being safe, wearing the right gear when you are out doing these things. Accidents are going to happen, no matter what we do, no matter how many precautions we take sometimes, but who not take as many precautions as you can.”

Steeves says their team of volunteers has done more training this year, including more low angle rescue training, and that has certainly paid off.


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