'All clear' at North Bay post office
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Employees at a Canada Post office in North Bay are back to work after a couple of tense hours.

Around 8 am Friday morning, fire crews were called to investigate a suspicious package containing white powder at the facility on Worthington Street East.

Two firefighters wearing hazmat suits entered the building, whlie postal workers and others that worked in the main floor of the neighbouring buliding were evacuated.

The suspicious package was located and North Bay's Fire Chief Jason Whitely says testing of the substance took place right away.

"Through our partnership with the police, the city bought a special identification machine dealing with these types of things. So, we're going to be collecting samples, securing the package and then analyzing with this machine." said Whitely.

Officials from Canada Post say " The substance was determined not to be harmful and employees returned inside shortly after 10 am."


Tense moments in North Bay Friday morning as firefighters investigate a suspicous package found a local Canada Post office.

Fire crews say a white powder has been found in the processing room.

Firefighters wearing hazmat suits entered the buildling just before 10 am May 10.

CTV Northern Ontario's Eric Taschner is on the scene and will have more details as they become available.

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