30 Fires And Counting In Northwest Region

A late spring has spelled a much quieter forest fire season in the Northwest Region.

There have been 31 blazes since April 1st with the provincial total standing at 127.

The flames have burned less than 20 hectares, which is good news according to Acting Information Officer Véronique Filion.

“We had zero fires until April 28th,” Filion mentioned to Acadia News. “We also had long-lasting snow cover and a good amount of rainfall. Every other day there’s a lot of rain so cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity haven’t really allowed us for any lasting rebound to the fire hazard or the possibility to have lightning fires.”

Filion added that 724 fires were reported in 2021, with the 10-year average sitting at 457.

That calculates to a 72 per cent decrease from the historical average.

As of Tuesday there are six active fires, with three not under control.

The wildland fire hazard is mainly low to moderate throughout the region. Some areas of Nipigon, Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay are seeing high fire hazard.


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