‘Hazardous Material Release Emergency’ alert sent out in error, says deputy fire chief

If you received a notification from the Sudbury Alerts system this morning about a “Hazardous Material Release Emergency,” it was sent out in error.

The alerts are part of the City of Greater Sudbury’s mass notification services that allows the city to notify residents of any imminent threat to public safety.

Greater Sudbury Deputy Fire Chief Jesse Oshell tells us that the system is tested every Sunday, and sent to a small group of people. Unfortunately, the test message was sent out to the larger community today instead.
“There is no emergency in the community at this time,” he said. “It was a test.”
The message itself also indicated it is a test.
“We’re extremely apologetic for causing any confusion to the public,” Oshell said.
“The Sudbury Alert System is an extremely valuable and important tool in our notification toolbox for the community.
“The public should be aware that we take errors like this very seriously. We trust and rely on the system when it is needed.”