Solar Electricity Safety Training


Solar Electricity Safety Training for Fire Departments

The Solar Electricity Safety Training for Firefighters is an initiative organized and developed by the OAFC and stakeholders (CanSIA and experts in the solar industry), designed to prepare firefighters in Ontario to confidently and safely respond to emergencies involving solar electricity.  The initiative includes a comprehensive training program and handbooks covering basic training required by every firefighter expected to respond to a solar electrical emergency incident.  The OAFC received a grant from the Independent Electricity Safety Operators (IES), to push this initiative out to the fire service.
The goal of this initiative is to assemble and widely disseminate core principles, tactical and rescue considerations and best practice information for firefighters, incident commanders and other emergency first responders to assist in their decision making process in an effective manner at emergencies involving solar electricity – ultimately reducing property loss and potential loss of life.
The course is 3 hours, delivered in a classroom by an OAFC Solar Instructor. 
The objectives of this course is to ensure students understand:
  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Basics of solar electricity generation (photovoltaics or PV)
  • The skills required to recognize and size up the hazards of electricity
  • Safe approach limits to electrical devices
  • When and how suppression or rescue can be carried out
  • When to provide crowd or traffic control
At the end of the course, the student will;
  • Understand basic electrical terms
  • Understand how electricity is distributed
  • Know the safe limits of approach
  • Recognize some hazards of electricity
  • Know how the human body reacts to electrical contacts
  • Discuss common electrical fire causes
  • Know the required personal protective gear
  • Understand solar photovoltaic systems
  • Discuss fire ground operations in rescue situations
  • Discuss fire ground operations in firefighting situations
  • Understand the applicable Section 21 guidance notes
  • Understand the intent of the ESA database
Course materials include the Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders and the Solar Electricity Safety Training Handbook for Firefighters.  A certificate of completion will be issued after the completion of the 3 hour course. 
Currently this program is being rolled out to fire departments within the fifteen (15) PAC/Zones across the province at no charge, thanks to funding provided by the IESO.  

Upcoming Solar Training

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