Solar Training for Firefighters - PAC 10A

Solar Electricity Safety Training Program for Firefighters - PAC (Zone) 10A Registration

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs is pleased to announce that the Solar Electricity Safety Training for Firefighters course is now available for delivery across the province.  The OAFC has trained a team of instructors who will provide training through the Provincial Advisory Committees (formerly Zone Reps), at no cost.  Each firefighter will receive a Solar Electricity Safety Handbook for Firefighters, an Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders, and a certificate of training.
The Solar Electricity Safety Training Program for Firefighters has the following learning outcomes:
  • Understand basic electrical terms
  • Understand how electricity is distributed
  • Know the safe limits of approach
  • Recognize some hazards of electricity
  • Know how the human body reacts to electrical contacts
  • Discuss common electrical fire causes
  • Know the required personal protective gear
  • Understand solar photovoltaic systems
  • Discuss fire ground operations in rescue situations
  • Discuss fire ground operations in firefighting situations
  • Understand the applicable Section 21 guidance notes
  • Understand the intent of the ESA database
Questions can be forwarded to the OAFC Solar course coordinator, Brea Blight at 905-426-9865 x226 or by email to
PAC/Zone 10A Course Details:
Date: Friday, November 17, 2017
Time: 6:30pm - 10:30pm (the course is approx. 3-4 hours)
Location: Kenora, Station 1 - 100 14th Street North, Training Room
Space is limited to 2-3 firefighters per department. Once a course is full, registrants will be placed on a waiting list. Light refreshments will be served. Registration will close on November 13, 2017 at 4:30pm.