OAFC 2017 - Attendees

Thank you to all those who attended OAFC 2017!  We hope you enjoyed the conference and trade show and we look forward to seeing you again next year!  OAFC 2018 dates will be announced shortly.

About the OAFC Conference & Trade Show

The OAFC Conference & Trade Show is an annual seminar and trade show geared to everyone working or related to fire and emergency services.
Who Attends?

Fire chiefs, senior fire officers, company officers, firefighters, training officers, communicators, public educators, fire prevention officers, mechanical officers and municipal officials from across Ontario come together for five days of learning, networking and collaboration.  With many learning seminars to participate in, attendees walk away with innovative information that covers all areas of the fire service including technological advances, real-life fire incidents, navigating the political environment, public and life fire safety, management/leadership development and more. 
OAFC attendees get access to the largest fire and emergency trade show in Canada.   The OAFC Trade Show boasts over 250 booths and fire vehicles, and is proud to host the largest and most successful gathering of fire service manufacturers and suppliers in Canada!  The trade show offers attendees direct access to the sales team who supply your fire department with the important life saving apparatus, gear and services that you rely upon every day!
Why Attend?

OAFC offers something for everyone in the fire service!
Main Agenda:  Our main room sessions covers educational and informative topics that will provide interest to anyone in working in the fire service, corporately or in a municipality.  Whether you’re an upcoming or well-seasoned fire service professional, we have many topics of interest that pertain to all types of fire services – municipal, industrial - full time, composite and volunteer departments. 
OAFC 2017 highlights include high profile keynotes and knowledgeable speakers presenting on topics such as:
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and mental illness
  • Recruitment and retention – national and local strategies
  • Important resources and policies for fire service leaders
  • Real-life incidents, what transpired and lessons learned
  • Updates from government officials pertaining to the fire service
  • Hot fire service topics – suppression, standards, bunker gear, amalgamation, public education and more.
Subgroup Sessions:
Training Officers Seminar:  In partnership with the Ontario Association of Fire Training Officers, the training officer’s seminar includes a variety of presentations from the main conference agenda and incorporates customized sessions dedicated to training officers.  Delivered by high profile speakers, presenting on the most current hot topics pertaining to training in the fire service, this seminar is a must attend for all levels of training officers.
Public Educators Seminar:  The Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators in conjunction with the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs have developed a public educator’s seminar, specifically tailored to promote education and initiatives relevant to today’s public fire educators and fire prevention officers.  The program is designed to share information, resources and network with like minded educators/prevention officers.  We encourage all educators and fire prevention officers to participate in this unique, customized program. 
Communications Forum:  The Ontario Fire Communicators Association in conjunction with the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs have developed a forum to help communicators understand more about today’s common issues facing Ontario’s communication centres. The seminar includes a variety of presentations specifically selected on important issues facing communicators in the fire service.  If you are a communicator, supervisor, chief officer, or if you are responsible for communications in your fire service, this forum is for you! 
Municipal Officials Seminar: The Essentials of Firefighting and Firefighting 101 Sponsored by CriSysoffers municipal officials the opportunity to understand the challenges of the fire service and its importance in their communities. This two-day session includes presentations customized to provide you with essential information about the fire service.  The highlight of the program is our interactive, hands-on fire training – an experience that you will never forget!   Municipal officials slip into bunker gear and experience firsthand the life of a firefighter by participating in a live fire training session.  Past attendees have included government officials, mayors and councillors, CAO’s, directors and other senior municipal staff.
Each OAFC package includes exciting evening functions allowing guests to network with industry colleagues.
OAFC 2016 attendees said.....

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Saturday May 6
6:30 to 5:00 Registration Foyer
7:00 Hot Breakfast  Ballroom B
8:00 Welcome & Introductions Master of Ceremonies & OAFC President, Stephen Hernen Ballroom A
8:15 Creating the Thinking First Responder
Dr. Richard B. Gasaway
Ballroom A
Smoke & CO Alarm Update
John Ward, Director of Sales, First Alert Canada
Ballroom A
10:00 Coffee Break Foyer
10:30 New Requirement for DZ Licences and Driver Certification Program Keith Madill and Joe Zeagman, Ministry of Transportation Ballroom A
11:15 Opioid Overdose and Fire Department Naloxone Administration  Chief Bill Boyes, Deputy Chief Cory Mainprize, Ian Young, MD, Medical Director, Barrie Fire & Emergency Service Ballroom A
11:45 "Rampart, This is Squad 51” – Fire Department Medical Oversight and Medical Delegation
Ian Young, MD, Medical Director, Barrie Fire & Emergency Service
Ballroom A
12:15 Update from Annex Business Media Becky Atkinson, Bookstore Manager, Firehall Bookstore Ballroom A
Ballroom B
1:30 OAFC Presidents' Update Chief Stephen Hernen Ballroom A
2:30 Reporting an Injury/Illness to the WSIB Monica Nienhaus and Gavin Pokan, WSIB Ballroom A
3:15 Coffee Break Foyer
OMERS Update & Overview
Jolene LeConte and Sarah Ballam, OMERS
Ballroom A
7:00pm to 11:00pm
Ladders Up Reception with Entertainment on Behalf of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation 
Sponsored by
Crowne Plaza, Algonquin Ballroom, Lower Level
Sunday May 7
6:30 to 5:00 Registration Foyer
7:00 Breakfast  Ballroom A
Risk and Resource: Defending Our Delivery Model - Keynote Presentation Sponsored by
Presented by Chief Tom Jenkins, City of Rogers, Arkansas and 1st Vice President, International Association of Fire Chiefs Ballroom B
Pulse Nightclub Shooting Keynote Presentation Sponsored by
Chief Roderick Williams, City of Orlando Fire Department
10:00 to 4:00 OAFC Trade Show and Lunch Halls H, I & J
7:00 to 10:00
Memorial Service & Reception
Reception Sponsored by 
Ballroom C & Foyer
Monday May 8
6:30 to 5:00 Registration Foyer
7:00 Hot Breakfast Ballroom A
Courage Inside the Fire - Darby Allen’s Story of Trust, Teamwork, and Leadership
Sponsored by
Darby Allen, (Retired) Regional Fire Chief of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Ballroom B
Flawless Execution 
Sponsored by
Chris "Gomez" Gomez, Afterburners  Ballroom B
10:00 to 4:00 OAFC Trade Show and Lunch Halls H, I & J
Awards Reception Sponsored by Safedesign Globe
7:00 to 10:00
Awards Dinner Sponsored by AJ Stone Co. Ltd.
Ballroom C
Tuesday May 9
6:30 to 5:00 Registration Foyer
7:00 Hot Breakfast  Ballroom B
8:00 OAFC Business Meeting & Breakout Sessions Ballroom A
10:30 Coffee Break Foyer
11:00 Inside the Yellow Tape - The Feb 14, 2017 Toronto Badminton and Raquet Club Fire Chief Matt Pegg, Toronto Fire Services Ballroom A
Case Management Approach for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Overview
Sal Cavaricci and Madelena Araujo, WSIB
Ballroom A
12:45 Lunch Ballroom B
1:45 How Public Educators Can Spark Change and Inspire Movements by Doing the Unthinkable!   Jay Acunzo, Unthinkable Ballroom A
3:00 Coffee Break Foyer
3:30 Update from the OPFFA Rob Hyndman, President Ballroom A
Commercial Building Project
Nina Nasiri & Kristian Kennedy, TSSA Ballroom A
4:15 Update from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Ross Nichols, Fire Marshal and Chief of Emergency Management Ballroom A
Wednesday May 10
6:30 to 12:00 Registration Foyer
7:00 Hot Breakfast  Ballroom B
8:00 Career Survival Workshop Career Survival Group, Eric Rosoff & Brian Cummings  Ballroom A
10:00 Coffee Break Foyer
10:20 Career Survival Workshop Cont.. Career Survival Group, Eric Rosoff & Brian Cummings  Ballroom A
12:30 Lunch Ballroom B
Suburban/Rural Roundtable
Session will feature hot topics in the surburban/rural fire service:
  • PSHSA, Monica Szabo
McKennit 9/10
Urban Breakout
Sessions will feature hot topics in the urban fire service:
  • Simutaneous Notification, Chief Tim Beckett
  • Data Collection, Deputy Chief Jesse O'Shell
  • PSHSA, Monica Szabo
Ballroom A


Speaker and Presentations Overview from OAFC 2017

Saturday, May 6

Creating the Thinking First Responder
Presented by Dr. Richard Gasaway
This powerful keynote discusses how shortfalls in first responder training are contributing to catastrophic outcomes. Many instructors tell their students what to do instead of teaching their students a process for making high risk, high consequence decisions under stress.
Specific first responder training examples will be used to demonstrate both how our training is failing to create thinking responders and the real-world consequences of this shortcoming. Solutions will be offered that ensure responders are trained to perform realistically based on the real world decision making environments they operating in.


Richard B. Gasaway worked as a first responder in three public safety organizations including serving 22 years as a fire chief. After completing his distinguished 30-year career, Dr. Gasaway founded Situational Awareness Matters!, a consulting and teaching organization dedicated to improving how individuals, teams and organizations develop situational awareness as a foundation for improving workplace and personal safety. His company website (SAMatters.com) has been visited by more than four million people from 156 countries.
As a professional speaker and author, Dr. Gasaway has contributed to more than 400 books, book chapters and journal articles on topics related to leadership, safety, situational awareness and high consequence decision making. His best selling books, Situational Awareness Matters Volumes 1, 2 & 3, Situational Awareness for Emergency Response, and Fireground Command Decision Making, serve as essential guides for helping individuals and teams develop and maintain situational awareness while making high-stress, high-consequence decisions.
Dr. Gasaway has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation – the highest honor awarded by the National Speakers Association. His high-energy, humor filled presentations are chocked full of valuable, actionable takeaways – as proven by his 2,500+ program and keynote address invitations throughout the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia.
Dr. Gasaway is a big proponent of “Paying it forward” and gives back by serving as the Chancellor for the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) credentialing program and a peer evaluator for the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) Credentialing program.
When he is not spreading the situational awareness message, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Carol, and his four children: Cameron (a Madison, WI firefighter), Jordan and Hanna (college students) and Micah, (a high school student).
You can learn more about Dr. Gasaway and his mission by visiting his websites: www.RichGasaway.com and www.SAMatters.com
Smoke and CO Alarm Update
Presented by John Ward, Director of Sales, First Alert Canada
John Ward has been involved in the smoke and carbon monoxide business for over 30 years.  His duties have included working with home builders, fire departments, building inspectors and contractors to ensure the fire and carbon monoxide safety of homeowners across Canada.
He has worked with The Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management in forming the requirements for residential carbon monoxide alarms and sat on committees with UL regarding smoke alarms.  He has spoken across Canada to Fire Departments and Building Inspectors about the evolving technological advancements of smoke & CO alarms.
At this year’s conference, John will be briefly speaking on the following topics:
  • 10 year sealed batteries in smoke alarms
  • Upcoming code changes
  • Options for the aging population
  • Synchronization of strobe lights in new residential construction
Opioid Overdose and Fire Department Naloxone Administration
Presented by Bill Boyes, Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief, Cory Mainprize, Deputy Chief- Operations and Training, Ian Young, MD, Medical Director, Barrie Fire and Emergency Service

There have been an alarming number of overdoses and deaths across Canada whereby numerous health agencies and emergency services have publicly noted that a "fentynal crisis" exists. A few fire services in Western Canada carry Naloxone on their apparatus and Barrie is the first department in Ontario to administer this medication. This presentation will outline how and why Barrie Fire and Emergency Service went about defining and delivering our naloxone program.  This is one example of how fire departments can potentially deal with a growing societal challenge. 

Bill Boyes is the Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Services for Barrie Fire and Emergency Service. Barrie Fire is a career fire department with 180 staff across 6 branches, including a Communications center that dispatches for 20 surrounding fire departments. Chief Boyes is working towards completing a PhD human resources management, which supplements his Master’s degree in public policy and administration and Bachelor’s degree in public management from the University of Guelph. Boyes has also been elected to the NFPA Fire Service Section Executive Board and is a member of a number of fire service committees including the International Association of Fire Chiefs- Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research working group, the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs Labour Relations Committee and the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Urban Fire Service Advisory Committee.

Cory Mainprize started his career with Barrie in 2000 after serving three years in the Town of Caledon. Cory worked as firefighter until achieving the position of Captain in 2013.  Working as a member and President of the Barrie Professional Firefighters Association throughout his career, he has extensive experience in the area of Health and Safety, WSIB, Negotiations and Labour Relations. Cory was appointed to the position of Deputy Chief in March of 2016 and manages the Operations and Training Branches.

Prior to entering Medical School in 1999, Dr. Young held a position in senior management at Englehart and District Hospital, during which time he oversaw the  ambulance Service for Central Timiskaming. Previously, he had been Director of Pharmacy for the Northern and Eastern Regions of Nova Scotia and at Kirkland and District Hospital. His extensive administrative experience, clinical expertise, and aptitude for fostering strong relationships has resulted in the successful Medical Directives Program for Barrie Fire and Emergency Service.

"Rampart, This is Squad 51” – Fire Department Medical Oversight and Medical Delegation
Presented by Ian Young, MD, Medical Director, Barrie Fire and Emergency Service
Dr. Young is a Family Physician practicing in Barrie, Ontario. He completed his residency in Family Medicine from the University of Ottawa in 2003. He obtained his Medical Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2003 and a degree in Pharmacy from the same university in 1992. Since completing his Family Medicine residency, Dr. Young has practiced Family Medicine full-time in a shared practice with his wife and colleague, Dr. Dana Young. From 2005 to 2012, Dr. Young, at various times, has held hospital appointments in departments of Emergency Medicine and Inpatient and Hospitalist Medicine at hospitals in Ontario including Barrie, Huntsville, Sudbury, and Espanola. Since 2013, Dr. Young has been Medical Director for Barrie Fire and Emergency Service. He has recently been engaged by Central York Fire Service to be their Medical Director. He is Medical Director for a private Ambulance Service in Ontario and has been Medical Director for the 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2015 RBC Canadian Opens of the PGA Tour.
Prior to entering Medical School in 1999, Dr. Young held a position in senior management at Englehart and District Hospital, during which time he oversaw the  ambulance Service for Central Timiskaming. Previously, he had been Director of Pharmacy for the Northern and Eastern Regions of Nova Scotia and at Kirkland and District Hospital. His extensive administrative experience, clinical expertise, and aptitude for fostering strong relationships has resulted in the successful Medical Directives Program for Barrie Fire and Emergency Service.
Reporting an Injury/Illness to the WSIB
Presented by Monica Nienhaus and Gavin Pokan, WSIB
Monica Nienhaus – Assistant  Director, Eligibility Branch –WSIB
Monica Nienhaus began her career at the WSIB in 2000 as a Consolidated Adjudicator and then moved into the Skills Development Branch as a Training Specialist in 2004. In 2007 she moved to a management position in the Industrial Sector of the WSIB and then joined the Eligibility Branch as a manager in 2008. She has been the Assistant Director in the Eligibility Branch since 2013. Monica brings a unique blend of skills and expertise in adjudication with a strong focus on training and human resources.
Gavin Pokan - Manager, Eligibility Branch –WSIB
Gavin Pokan has been with the WSIB since 1999, holding various roles throughout his career and is currently working in the Eligibility Branch. Previous roles include adjudication, project work with eServices and the New Service Delivery Model as well as leadership roles in the Account and Claims Registration areas.  Given Gavin’s work history, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on the different programs and divisions of the WSIB.
Carina Fernley – Manager, Operational Policy Branch – WSIB
Carina Fernley joined the WSIB in 1999 as a Consolidated Adjudicator. She then took on the role of Regulatory Claims Officer in the Compliance Division deciding cases involving worker and employer non-compliance, misrepresentation, irregularities, and fraud.  Starting in 2006, Carina handled confidential cases as a Case Manager in the Operations Division, adjudicating cases involving persons protected under the Witness Protection Program and WSIB employees. Her experience as an analyst in the Operational Policy Branch since 2009 led to her current role as a manager. 
OMERS Update & Overview
Presented by Jolene LeConte, Manager, Education and Training, OMERS
The topics that will be covered during the overview presentation include the following:
  • How your OMERS pension is calculated
  • How the OMERS bridge benefit works
  • How your OMERS pension is protected from inflation
  • How the OMERS Fund is performing
  • How buying or transferring service can increase your future pension and may help you retire sooner
  • How Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) work
  • How OMERS survivor benefit entitlement is determined
Jolene LeConte has been with OMERS for 8 years. She is currently acting in the role of Manager, Education and Training, leading a team which travels across the province to educate members about the Plan and provide administration support to employers. 
Jolene completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Guelph, and is a Registered Retirement Consultant through the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning.

Sunday, May 8


Risk & Resource:  Defending Our Delivery Model
Presented by Tom C. Jenkins, Fire Chief, City of Rogers, Arkansas, 1st Vice President, IAFC
Sponsored by
Assessing risk and deploying resources are the primary job of the fire chief.  In a cutback environment with political pressure, it is oftentimes difficult to justify, acquire, and maintain adequate resources to match the risk.  This session discusses research and best practices surrounding resource deployment, and provides fire chiefs with the political ammunition necessary to justify, shield, and intensify resource delivery.  
Tom Jenkins is the Fire Chief for the City of Rogers, Arkansas.  Previously, Tom served as the Deputy Fire Chief for the City of Sand Springs, Oklahoma Fire Department. He holds a Bachelors degree in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering from Oklahoma State University, and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. In addition, Chief Jenkins is a 2006 graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy, and both a Chief Fire Officer and Chief Medical Officer Designee from the Commission on Professional Credentialing.  
Chief Jenkins serves on various boards, committees, and working groups relating to fire and emergency services, including NFPA 1710 and the UL Technical Panel on Positive Pressure Ventilation.  He is a regular speaker at conferences and functions across the United States and still works as an adjunct professor for his local community college and Oklahoma State University.  Tom is currently serving as the 1st Vice President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.


Response to the Pulse Nightclub Tragedy - June 12, 2016
Presented by Chief Roderick S. Williams, Orlando Fire Department
Sponsored by
Preparation, action and post-incident response to the nation’s most deadly terrorism based active-shooter incident in our history. A high level review of the incident rolled out in various phases, including many strategic partnerships. The City of Orlando Emergency Operations Center activated to support all other agencies and entities. Post-incident activities included the immediate deployment of our Critical Incident Stress Management team for our fire personnel, anticipating the influx of dignitaries to our city, providing Fire/EMS support for local vigils and being readily available for all unplanned activities in the aftermath of the tragedy.
Effective April 1, 2015, as a newly appointed Fire Chief Roderick Williams oversees the day-to-day operations of the department and serve as chief counsel to the Mayor in matters of public safety. During his 21-year tenure with the Orlando Fire Department, Williams has worked in many capacities including serving as Deputy Chief for both the Fire Administrative Services Bureau.  He has also served as Assistant Chief in Administration focusing on key technology upgrades and improvements, worked in the Field Operations Bureau directly serving Orlando citizens and in the Training Division with responsibilities over recruitment, hiring process, Field Training Officer Program and various civic organization and mentoring groups in Central Fl. Chief Roderick Williams was born and raised in Orlando in the Washington Shores/Richmond Heights area.

Monday, May 8

Courage Inside the Fire - Darby Allen’s Story of Trust, Teamwork, and Leadership
Presented by Darby Allen, (Retired) Regional Fire Chief of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Sponsored by

A native of Birmingham, England, where he worked as a Fireman for the Hampshire Fire Brigade, Darby emigrated to Canada in 1990, beginning work as a Firefighter with the Calgary Fire Department in 1992, moving up in rank from Training Officer to Assistant Deputy Chief of Operations, before moving on to Fort McMurray Fire Service in 2009 and becoming Fire Chief in January of 2013.    Consistently calm and collected, he shot to international recognition as the lead spokesperson and the man that drove the evacuation of the entire community of Fort McMurray to safety, while the entire nation watched in horror as the fire threatened.  Throughout the ensuing days and weeks, his updates on the status of the fire in the community and its impact on the surrounding area was often the only  constant source of information for those impacted by the tragic events.  He provided calm reassurance on the status of the community and when it came time to welcome residents back, he and his team were there with open arms to bring people back in to the city.

Flawless Execution - Afterburners - Keynote Presentation
Presented by Chris “Gomez” Gomez, Executive Consultant, Afterburner, Former U.S. Navy SEAL
Sponsored by

The framework applied by the military to complex or stressful situations during combat teaches people to have discipline, be thoughtful and align strategically with their teams. Based on these tried-and-true principles, our founding team of elite military leaders created Flawless Execution — a business framework that equips individuals and teams with the tools they need to successfully drive accountability, establish strategic alignment and build mission-first cultures.

Chris is a decorated former Navy SEAL with twelve years in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community serving as a medic and SEAL Instructor. During his time in the SEAL Teams, Chris was able to qualify as a Master Training Specialist, HRST Master, Diving Supervisor, Range Safety Officer, Free-fall and static line parachutist, Nationally Registered Paramedic (former), and numerous other NSW qualifications. As a SEAL Instructor, he evaluated, trained, and mentored hundreds of SEALs through a litany of high-risk training. Many of these students have gone on to do amazing things in the Global War on Terror.

Along with his SPECWAR career, Chris also served as a Navy Supply Corps Officer for nearly 9 years, growing his leadership talent further. Known as the MBAs of the Navy, he was able to gain tremendous experience as a Business Financial Manager and Government Acquisition professional.

Recently retired from Military service, Chris is excited to combine his experience from working with the best the military has to offer with his newly minted Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas to produce amazing results for your organization.


Tuesday, May 9

Inside the Yellow Tape – The Feb 14, 2017 Toronto Badminton and Racquet Club Fire"
Presented by Chief Matthew Pegg, Toronto Fire Services
Toronto Fire Chief Matthew Pegg will provide a behind the scenes look into one of the largest-ever single-incident deployment of TFS resources.  You will learn about the operational challenges faced during this six alarm fire and the international media event that ensued.  Chief Pegg and members of the Toronto Fire Services team will explain how traditional and social media were used as partners in the incident management plan and how collaboration with emergency response partners, agencies and divisions resulted in the successful management and mitigation of this immense incident. 
Matt is the Fire Chief and General Manager of Toronto Fire Services and is the Past-President of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs.  Prior to Toronto, Matt served with Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, Ajax Fire and Emergency Services and the Georgina Fire Department.  Matt is a past member and former co-chair of the Ontario Fire Service (Section 21) Advisory Committee to the Ontario Minister of Labour, past NFPA 1971 / 1851 Technical Committee member and past member of the CAFC National Advisory Council.

He is a graduate of Dalhousie University in both Leadership and Administration, Queen’s University in Labour Relations and the Schulich School of Business in Public Management. Matt is the recipient of the Heroism and Community Service Medal, Ontario Medal of Firefighter’s Bravery and the Fire Service Exemplary Service Medal and has been awarded the Chief Fire Officer Professional Designation.

Case Management Approach for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Overview
Presented by Sal Cavaricci, Director, Serious Injury Services and Madelena Araujo, Director, Work Transition Specialists Program
Recent amendments to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act have introduced a presumption of work-relatedness for first responders and other designated workers diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by a psychiatrist or psychologist.
This session will provide a brief overview of the WSIB’s policy on Traumatic Mental Stress followed by an overview of the policy and case management approach relating to PTSD under the presumptive legislation. The session will also provide information on return to work considerations for workers with PTSD.
Sal Cavaricci is the Director of Serious Injury Services at the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) which includes the Serious Injury Program and the Traumatic Mental Stress Program. During his career at the WSIB, he has held a variety of roles including Appeals Resolution Officer and Policy Analyst. Sal holds Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Public Administration degrees.
Madelena Araujo is the Director of the Work Transition Program at the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB. During her career at the WSIB, she has held a variety of Management, Return to Work and Case Management roles. Madelena holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Psychology and Economics. 


How public educators can spark change and inspire movements by doing the unthinkable!  
Presented by Jay Acunzo
Whether you sell a product or pursue a cause, want to affect your bottom line or move the community around you, we all seem to start in the same place: with the facts and the figures. We have the data to prove our point, and we wield it to push our message. 
The only problem is, the audience we're trying to reach doesn't seem to listen. They're not buying. They're not budging. They're holding their ground.
What gives? Why aren't people changing their behavior?
Here's the deal: reasonable arguments don’t spark change. There is no such thing as an overnight revolution. In fact, messages that trigger widespread action don't convert everyone all at once. Sparking reform isn't about the data -- it's about emotion. 
You don't need more facts. You need better stories. Stories create traction. You need to do the unthinkable.
In this keynote session, former Google media strategist and startup marketing leader Jay Acunzo will show you how entrepreneurs inspire movements bigger than themselves. He’ll take you outside the echo chamber and show you how understaffed, under-resourced teams bridge that gap between knowing the facts and convincing others to heed them. 
In this fast-paced talk, you’ll learn how widespread change starts with creative, atypical attempts to attract the first few. You’ll walk away ready to stop playing IN your community and start SHAPING it -- not through dry research or parent-like warnings, but through truly creative marketing that resonates deeply with others. 
So ask yourself: Are you ready to do the unthinkable?
Jay Acunzo is obsessed with helping craft-driven creators and is a highly sought keynote speaker. 

So what's this "craft-driven creator" obsession? That means Jay spends all his time helping marketers, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, podcasters, videographers -- you name it -- who want to build meaningful careers based on their love of creativity rather than all the shortcut culture out there. 

Jay launched his career as a reporter for The Hartford Courant and PR writer for ESPN before landing a job with Google as a digital media strategist. He went on to lead content creation and marketing strategies for brands like Breaktime Media (fka Dailybreak) and HubSpot. Today, Jay helps early-stage startups gain initial traction at NextView Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital firm based in Boston and NYC. When he’s not helping one of the firm's 50+ tech companies, he’s hosting two award-winning podcasts and traveling the world inspiring others to create marketing that doesn't suck.

Update from the OPFFA
Presented by Rob Hyndman, President, Ontario Professional Firefighters Association
The purpose of the session is to provide a brief overview of the activities of the Ontario Professional Firefighters Association as well as identifying collaborative opportunities and challenges for the participants in their own respective organizations. 
Rob is the president of the Ontario Professional Firefighters Association, representing over 11,000 career firefighters in the province.  He is a 17 year acting captain with the Greater Sudbury Fire Service and was formerly in charge of its Local until 2016 where he made the transition to provincial president, a scenario the OPFFA had not seen in over 43 years.  Rob is an IAFF advocate representing locals in Interest Arbitration and in 2015 graduated from Harvard Law School’s Labour and Worklife program.  Rob has recently travelled to California to present on Organizational Strategic Planning and will be in Vancouver at the Redmond Symposium this summer speaking on EMS and increasing capacity in municipal fire services.
Commercial Building Project

Presented by Nina Nasiri, P. Eng.; Fuels Safety Engineer, TSSA

This brief presentation will summarize the commercial building program and explain why it all began, what the next steps are and how we can collaborate.
Nina Nasiri is the Program Manager for the Commercial Buildings Program and an Engineer working in the Fuels Safety Program for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). With over 5 years in the fuels industry, Nina has extensive knowledge and experience with provincial safety regulations and codes for fuel oil, Natural gas, digester, landfill and biogas.
Update from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management
Ross Nichols, Fire Marshal and Chief of Emergency Management
A seasoned leader and public safety professional, Ross has extensive experience in team-building, critical incident command, investigations, and relationship management in a multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional operational environment. He joins the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management  (OFMEM) from his role as an Inspector with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), where he had been the Liaison Officer for the Toronto 2015 Pan AM/Parapan AM Games Integrated Security Unit (ISU) – the group responsible for coordinating security planning and operations.  Ross was responsible for relationship-building and facilitating the flow of information between the ISU (comprised of partner agencies at the municipal, regional, provincial and federal levels) and the Toronto 2015 Organizing Committee. From 2007 until his appointment to the ISU, he was a full-time Critical Incident Commander in the OPP, responsible for commanding the integrated response to critical and public order incidents and providing on-ground leadership to the high-performance teams tasked with resolving them. In 2011-12, he deployed overseas for 12 months as a Senior Police Advisor supporting the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan. Ross holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Guelph and has also completed a wide range of advanced investigative and command training as well as executive professional development. Ross was appointed Fire Marshal and Chief of Emergency Management effective October 5, 2015.

Wednesday, May 10

Career Survival Training
Presented by Eric Rosoff, Executive Manager and Brian Cummings, Senior Trainer/Consultant, Career Survival Group
Terminating a firefighter’s employment and/or claims of harassment/discrimination are known to have a devastating impact on the involved employees and negatively impact morale. Additionally, terminations and lawsuits cost agencies millions of dollars annually.
With this in mind, it is essential that fire service professionals at all levels acknowledge today’s firefighter is much more likely to be fired than killed in the line of duty and most lawsuits filed against an agency come from within the agency! Many of these terminations and litigations can be avoided if we provide meaningful training specifically designed for today’s fire services.
Career Survival Training is designed to help establish a culture of “administrative accountability” that is on a par with the existing culture of “operational accountability” so prevalent in fire services.
By the end of this course, students will:
  • Have a clear understanding of the common behaviors that are costing firefighters their jobs and resulting in costly claims of discrimination/harassment.
  • Understand how their passion and skill for operational preparation and readiness must also apply to their application of administrative responsibilities.
Eric Rosoff is a 31 year law enforcement professional. His career included several operational assignments including gangs and special enforcement. Eric accepted an administrative assignment as a Professional Standards Bureau Commander and received his basic and advanced POST certificates in Internal Affairs. Eric is an expert in personnel investigations and work place environment issues. He is sharing his experiences with Fire Service agencies through training and consultation as the Executive Manager of the Career Survival Group. Eric is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Sherman Block Supervisor Leadership Institute.

Brian Cummings has recently retired after 34 years of experience in the operational and administrative aspects of an All-Risk Life Safety Response Agency. He joined the Los Angeles Fire Department as a Firefighter/EMT in 1980 and his work assignments included Paramedic , Urban Search & Rescue, and Hazardous Materials. In 2011, Brian was selected as the 17th Fire Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department. He remains committed to Public Safety and Service Delivery in his role as a member of the Campus Safety Group.

Simultaneous Notification Update
Tim Beckett, Fire Chief, City of Mississauga
This presentation will provide a brief history, current state and future direction for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Simultaneous Notification program with the Ontario Fire Services.
Tim Beckett is the Fire Chief/ Director of Emergency Management for the City of Mississauga where he manages the overall strategic, financial and day to day operations of the fire service and emergency management. In total, Tim has 31 years of fire service experience, and has served as Fire Chief in City of Kitchener and town of Whitchurch-Stouffville prior to coming to Mississauga. Tim is a past President of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (2010-2012), and served on the board of directors for 10 years in many capacities.  
Fire Services Data Gathering and Records Management - Developing a Framework for Standards
Jesse Oshell, Assistant Deputy Fire Chief, Greater Sudbury Fire Services
This round table discussion will create an opportunity to focus on the challenges Fire Departments across Ontario encounter when gathering and managing data. Although reporting to the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office is mandatory and some standard reporting exists, Fire Services across the province need to be nimble and diverse in their records management and data gathering. Developing a standard for data management, key performance indicators, and risk assessment will allow a more collaborative work environment with peers across the province when sharing information or resources as well as managing internal data at a higher level.
Discussions will encompass the needs in Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Asset Management, and Daily Logging. Incorporating Mobile Data Terminals, the Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD), and the Records Management System (RMS) into a solution for standardizing data gathering that goes beyond OFM requirements.
RMS products like Firehouse or Crisys are utilized by many departments and can be customized to meet the demands of each individual Fire Service but should the Ontario departments develop a framework for standards, key performance indicators, and data gathering points these pieces of information can be incorporated into a RMS no matter which product a department currently has in place or chooses to utilize in the future. Showcasing Firehouse RMS from Sudbury and St Catharine's, examples and discussion points will be brought forward.
The OAFC Urban round table will allow senior administration an opportunity to hold a discussion on best practices for RMS requirements leading to a framework for data standards that Fire Departments across the province may follow moving forward. Better data, better departments!
Jesse Oshell joined Greater Sudbury Fire Services in 2011 as a Volunteer Firefighter and was promoted to full time in 2015 as Assistant Deputy Chief with a direction to manage data using technology in the department. Prior to becoming a full time member of the Fire Service, Jesse had over 20 years of experience as a senior technical leader within the public school board and private industry in Greater Sudbury.

As part of Fire Services, Jesse has assisted in the completion of the P25 digital radio system across 3200 square KM, implemented a new records management system, and currently is working towards an installation of mobile technology in the fleet. Fire Services data analysis and gathering is a core function of his role as Assistant Deputy.

PSHSA Update
Moncia Szabo, Executive Director, Government, Municipal and Public Safety
Monica A. Szabo, has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from University of Waterloo and a diploma in Air/Water Resources Field Technology from Fanshawe College. She completed the Queen’s Operations Leadership Program in 2006. She also completed the Niagara Institute Executive Leadership program in 2015. She is a Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH) and a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and a ABIH/BCSP Certified Occupational Health and Safety Technologist (OHST). She has worked in private and public sector firms. In her current roles as Executive Director, Prevention Services she is responsible for directing overall operations for a team of safety professionals who work remotely across Ontario. 
Monica’s 25 years of experience in EH&S has included environmental monitoring for such things as radon and formaldehyde across Ontario, testing diesel engine emissions in underground mines, monitoring for exposures to hazardous chemicals and physical agents, training and developing policies and programs, strategic planning, developing customized health and safety programs and managing staff and operations. Monica was the Senior Industrial Hygienist at Metropolitan Toronto for 11 years where she provided all municipal operations including agencies boards and commissions with health and safety support. This included projects such as assessment of lead exposures in gun ranges, noise exposures to Firefighters and EMS, exposure to diesel exhaust in Emergency Services vehicles etc. Her hands on knowledge of municipal operations are extensive.

OAFC 2017 Trade Show - May 7 & 8, 2017

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Trade Show has proven year-after-year that it is the must-attend exhibition for the fire service in Canada. You can find everything you need within the 250 booths and fire vehicles being showcased in over 160,000 square feet of dedicated trade show space. This is where your purchasing committee and mechanics can get on the spot answers to their questions from company experts. Get your fire department purchasing done in record time and take advantage of promotions and specials offered by exhibitors.
The trade show takes place on Sunday, May 7th from 10:00am until 4:00pm and Monday, May 8th from 10:00am until 4:00pm in the North Building at the Toronto Congress Centre, beside the conference ballroom and facilities.
Admission is included with any conference or seminar registration. All members of the fire service are welcome to attend
As a benefit of membership, each OAFC member will receive 10 complimentary trade show passes to distribute to members in their fire department. 

OAFC 2017 Trade Show Floor Plan & List of 2017 Exhibitors




OAFC 2017 Evening Functions

Throughout OAFC 2017 there were several evening functions promoting social opportunities and networking.
The majority of evening functions took place at the Toronto Congress Centre (TCC) North Building. Ladders Up was at the Crown Plaza Hotel. 


Ladders’ Up for the Foundation Reception
Saturday, May 6, 2017 Crowne Plaza Hotel

Thanks to generous donations and contributions from our committee, donors and participants we were able to raise $41,420! Thank you to all that participated!

Sponsored by:



Ladders Up for the Foundation is a charitable event held annually to raise funds for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF). The event takes place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Saturday, May 6 at 7pm and features live music, great food, prize draws and immeasurable networking opportunities. In the months leading up to this event, companies and organizations donate goods and/or services which are then sold to fire departments and/or individuals with profits from the sale going directly to the CFFF.
Funds raised from the sale of this donated equipment/services specifically supports the CFFF’s education fund which honours firefighters who have been fatally injured in the line of duty by helping the families they left behind manage education costs. Every dollar raised from the Ladders Up event goes towards the CFFF’s education fund.  Since the inception of Ladders Up in 2012, more than $134,735.00 has been raised!
For more information on Ladders Up, visit www.firefightingincanada.com/laddersup/

Memorial Service & Reception  
Sponsored by
Sunday, May 7, 2017

The OAFC 2017 Memorial Service honours the chief officers who have passed away since our last conference. It is an extremely moving service.  The service had many special guests in attendance, including the Kitchener Fire Department Honour Guard, the Ontario Fire Service Pipes and Drums and the Harbourtown Sound Choir. This is our most revered, and well attended event of the year.

A reception followed the service hosted by Scott Safety, where guests enjoyed complimentary refreshments. 


Awards Dinner & Reception 
Monday, May 8, 2017 
Sponsored by
Awards Dinner Sponsored by
This year we will celebrated our 65th OAFC Awards Dinner & Reception.  This formal event recognizes those nominated by their peers for outstanding achievement in the fire service.  The evening began with a cocktail hour sponsored by Safedesign.
The evening then continues to the ballroom for dinner compliments of our Awards Dinner sponsor, A.J. Stone Co. Ltd.   Throughout the evening, many fire service personell were recognized.  This years winners included:
Andy Kostiuk, Retired Division Commander
Toronto Fire Services
2017 Recipient of the The Alf Stone Award, sponsored by A.J. Stone Co Ltd. 
The Alf Stone Award, sponsored by A.J. Stone Co Ltd. celebrates an individual who exhibits a positive outlook and attitude towards improving public fire safety.  The individual consistently provides a high level of service while showing respect and courtesy to others. They demonstrate initiative and innovation in improving public fire safety and collaborates across the fire service. The individual goes about the routines of her/his job, day in and day out, with a remarkable attitude and enthusiasm that influences and benefits others.
Rick Cheseborough, Fire Chief
South Frontenac Fire & Rescue
2017 Recipient of the The Bill Williams Humanitarian Award, sponsored by Safedesign
The Bill Williams Humanitarian Award, sponsored by Safedesign celebrates an individual who contributes to the community or the fire service over an extended period of time. This could be a lifetime of many small acts of kindness, a single incident that was above and beyond the expectations of the job, or an active ongoing contribution to an organization involved in humanitarian work. The results and outcome of the individual’s work should reflect positively on the Fire Service. The individual exhibits a positive outlook and attitude and consistently provides a high level of service while showing respect, compassion and courtesy to others.
Jeremy Parkin, Deputy Fire Chief
Rama Fire & Rescue Service
2017 Recipient of the Mark Diotte Leadership Award, sponsored by Safetek Emergency Vehicles Ltd
Mark Diotte Leadership Award, sponsored by Safetek Emergency Vehicles Ltd, celebrates a current or former member of the OAFC who demonstrates exceptional leadership and inspires those around them, is committed to honesty and hard work and is evident in results, exhibits that wearing the uniform is an honour and a genuine responsibility and has made a difference in the Ontario Fire Service.
Dan Heydon, Fire Chief & New Tecumseth Fire Rescue
2017 Recipient of the Volunteer Fire Fighter Recruitment and Retention Award, sponsored by VFIS
The Volunteer Fire Fighter Recruitment and Retention Award, sponsored by VFIS celebrates an Ontario fire department that has developed a resourceful and creative recruitment and retention program.
In addition, there were awards handed out by the Ontario Association of Fire Training Officers, the Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators and the Ontario Association of Fire Communicators. 
For more information about the OAFC Annual Awards or to nominate someone from the fire service, please visit www.oafc.on.ca/award-nominations

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For more information regarding the OAFC Conference and Trade Show, please contact Laine Vella, Events & Trade Show Administrator at 905-426-9865 x224 or laine.vella@oafc.on.ca

For more information about sponsorship opportunities at upcoming shows and events, please contact Michelle O'Hara, Interim Event Manager at 905-426-9865 x222 or michelle.ohara@oafc.on.ca