Northeastern Fire Education Conference Trade Show

Northeastern Fire Education Conference Trade Show

March 29 & 30, 2019

Deerhurst Resort and Conference Centre, Huntsville, Ontario

The Northeastern Fire Education Conference & Trade Show (NEFEC) provides one of the most affordable and best educational and networking opportunities for senior fire officers, company officers, firefighters and municipal officials in northeastern Ontario.
The NEFEC Trade Show has all major fire service suppliers in attendance. Over the course of two days, your exhibit team gets direct access to those who use your equipment, products and services every day.  Participants are provided with ample opportunities to visit with suppliers enabling your sales team to highlight products and services and foster customer relations.
Fire service suppliers and truck manufacturers continue to be a major significant contributor to the success of the education conference. 

Why Participate?

  • Reach 300+ fire personnel from northern Ontario to show.  Meet and connect with prospective customers in person!  The NEFEC Trade Show provides the ideal forum for vendors to come face-to-face with the highest caliber of qualified attendees with buying influence in northeastern Ontario.
  • Contact new prospects and generate new sales leads.  
  • Strengthen your brand!  Ensure your business is identified as a leader in the industry.
  • Speak directly to people within your industry - Solicit feedback that can help your business expand and improve.
  • Connect with other vendors and understand their sales strategy - find out the reasons for their successes.  Stay on top of trends and new products in the fire service.  

How Else Can I Get Involved?

Are you looking for exposure and sales opportunities beyond your booth? Maximize your involvement with the NEFEC by engagin in one of the many sponsorship-marketing opportunities.

Please ensure you review all the information contained on this website.  If you have any questions, please contact us!  The planning committee and staff look forward to welcoming you to Huntsville.  


Exhibitor Information, Rates, Prospectus and Forms


2018 NEFEC Trade Show Exhibitor Prospectus

Please note that all exhibitors must agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Exhibitor Prospectus upon registration.  A downloadable/printable copy of the prospectus is available at the bottom of this page.

Trade Show Location

Deerhurst Resort
Legacy Hall - Main Building
Address: 1235 Deerhurst Drive, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada P1H 2E8
Phone: 1-800-461-4393
For accommodations, visit our Trade Show Venue and Accommodations page

Date & Exhibit Hours

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 4:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

Trade Show Management

c/o Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs
Maureen Owens, Events & Trade Show Assistant
905-426-9865 ext. 224
Toll Free: 1-800-774-6651

2018 Trade Show Fees

Trade Show Booth
(8 ft. x 8 ft.)
Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and networking reception for up to 2 representatives. One table, two chairs, rear and side drape.
($650.00 + $84.50HST)
Additional Trade Show Booth
(8 ft. x 8 ft.)
Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and networking reception for one representative. One table, two chairs, rear and side drape.
($500.00 + $65.00HST)
Power 1 drop – 7.5 AMP with power bar
($140.00 + $18.20HST)
Truck Space
Truck display space at Trade Show
March 23 & 24, 2018
($300.00 + $39.00HST)
Meal Rate for Additional Staff Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and evening function for one additional staff.
($165 + $21.45HST)
Additional Banquet Ticket
Reception & Banquet with entertainment on Saturday, March 24, 2018
($75.00 + $9.75HST)

Sponsorship-Marketing Opportunities

Sponsorships are powerful opportunities to gain competitive edge, maintain customer loyalty, identify new markets and achieve your marketing goals. Our sponsorship opportunities will help you focus directly on your desired audience as our event is specifically targeted to the people who use your products and services everyday.  View our Sponsorship-Marketing Opportunities page for more details.

Trade Show Move In

Display Set-up:  Friday, March 23, 2018 from 10:00am – 3:30pm
Exhibitor vehicle move in will be on Friday, March 23, 2018 starting at 8:00am

Vehicles will be directed in according to the order determined by NEFEC staff. 
All displays must be ready at 3:30pm on Friday, March 23, 2018. 
Exhibitor registration and display move-in and set-up will begin at 10:00am on Friday, March 23, 2018 in the lobby of the Deerhurst Resort.
*Volunteers will be available to assist with materials handling.
Exhibitor set up will close at 3:30pm on Friday, March 23, 2018 and all exhibitors are to be completely set up in their designated display(s) by this time.  
It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that displays are open and staffed between the show hours. 
Display materials may not be removed until the end of the show at 1pm on March 24, 2018.  Failure to comply with this ruling could result in a $250 penalty invoiced to the company following the show.

Trade Show Move Out

Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 1:00pm – 5:30pm
It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that displays are cleared and all exhibit materials are removed from the exhibit area between 4:00pm & 5:30pm on Saturday, March 24, 2018, but no sooner.

Deerhurst Trade Show Services

Courier Service to/from Deerhurst Resort is not available on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Deerhurst Resort will not be liable for inspecting deliveries upon arrival or for any damage to the contents of such deliveries unless caused by the negligence of Deerhurst Resort, or any of its authorized representatives. Deerhurst Resort has limited storage available onsite. Should you need to send large (including wooden crates and/or skids) and/or multiple items, storage must be prearrange with your Conference Services Manager or delivery may be refused. The following information needs to be provided to your Conference Services Manager to ensure acceptance of items and delivery to Deerhurst Resort and your function rooms: Courier Company, number of items, delivery date, delivery location onsite and tracking numbers for all items. Deerhurst Resort keeps a detailed log of all shipments received and will require you to sign for your packages.
Shipping Labels
All deliveries must be labeled, with the following information: name of the group/event, group/event contact, date of event, hotel contact and number of boxes. Deliveries must be made to the receiving/loading dock of the Hotel. The Hotel will not accept deliveries to the front door. The Hotel reserves the right to administer additional fees for handling and storage of items both prior to the event and after the group has departed.
Please note that skids received by Deerhurst Resort will not be broken down and counted. Deerhurst Resort will accept the shipment as one (1) skid. Storage of skids must be pre-arranged through the Conference Services Department. Due to elevator size, skids cannot be moved to the following function rooms in the Pavilion: Tom Thomson, Arthur Lismer, Lawren Harris, AJ Casson and AY Jackson. Skids cannot be delivered to function space outside of the Pavilion building.
Outgoing Shipments
All outgoing items must be properly sealed, courier waybills completed and the items clearly addressed, including your courier billing account number or alternate billing information (Deerhurst Resort is not able to bill for any courier/shipping charges). It is against custom/courier policies for hotel staff to pack client boxes. All outgoing items cannot exceed a total weight (per item) of 70lbs. Deerhurst Resort keeps a detailed log of all outgoing shipments and will require you to sign indicating your intention to ship packages. Any boxes left in function rooms after departure without shipping instructions will be delivered to the Deerhurst Resort Lost and Found Department. All outgoing freight pickups are to be scheduled for the day after the event.
Shipping and Receiving Charges
Box storage/delivery to function space - $4.00 per unit per day
Skid storage - Contact Conference Services for storage availability and rates
Skid delivery to function space - $40.00 per skid
Outgoing box handling fee - $4.00 per unit
Staff assistance - $40.00 per staff member per hour
Unloading/Loading: At no time is unloading and/or loading of materials permitted through the front doors of the Pavilion Building. All unloading/loading is to be completed through the Conference doors and/or the Sports entrance doors.

PSAV, as the official supplier to Deerhurst Resort, maintains a fully staffed office on the resort property. They provide complete audio visual planning service, skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and service which are responsive to your every need. Arrangements can be made through our Conference Services/Catering Department or Paul Mabee, Director, Event Technology - PSAV® at 705-788-5648. Access to all built in audio-visual equipment, where present (i.e. sound systems, screens, etc.), is controlled by PSAV. Arrangements to utilize these services must be made directly through PSAV. PSAV will provide a separate quote and invoice for services separate from the Deerhurst Resort invoice.
Deerhurst Resort is pleased to provide complimentary wireless Internet in both our guestrooms (where applicable), public spaces, and in the function space to allow you and your guests to keep in touch, away from the office.

Insurance and Safety

While every precaution is taken to safeguard exhibits, Show Management and Deerhurst Resort do not assume responsibility for the safety of exhibits against robbery, fire, damage, accidents or any cause whatsoever, whether during move in, show time or move out periods.  In all cases, exhibitors must insure their goods and exhibits against such losses.  Entry into storage and loading areas is at the exhibitor’s risk. 
Show Management and Deerhurst Resort do not assume responsibility for personal injury due to accidents of any cause whatsoever.

Liability and Indemnification

Exhibitors are responsible for any and all damage to Deerhurst Resort facilities and equipment, whether caused by transportation, installation or dismantling of displays, posters, signs; whether this damage is caused by those in attendance, or the exhibitor’s employees and/or guests.
Show Management and Deerhurst Resort will not be responsible for loss and/or damage or injury, no matter how caused, to exhibits, merchandise, or personnel, while such are on the property of Deerhurst Resort.
The Exhibitor (Lessee) agrees that they will indemnify and save harmless at all times the Show Management and Deerhurst Resort from all claims, demands, suits, or actions of any kind, including claims or rights created by statute for loss, expense, damage, or injury (including death), to persons or property, caused or contributed to by reason of the exhibitor’s occupation of the exhibit space, or by any act or omission of the exhibitor in connection with their delivering, setting up, or dismantling their exhibit, or be reason of the exhibitor failing to comply with provisions of this agreement. 
The exhibitors shall provide their own comprehensive public liability insurance and proof must be provided to Show Management prior to Show set up.

Trade Show Conduct

The exhibitor agrees to use the said space solely for the display and/or sale of his product and/or service manufactured, distributed or sold as a bona fide sales agency (incorporated with the laws of Canada as such).
He/she agrees not to sublet, assign or share any part of the exhibit space with any other manufacturer; distributor; wholesaler; jobber; sales agency or person or to allow orders to be taken within the exhibitor’s space by any person other than the exhibitor’s own employees or agents.
Exhibitors are responsible for and agree to make good any damages to the building or Show equipment caused by their occupation of the space.
Displays must be staffed at all times during the Show hours and alcoholic beverages are not to be served.

Exhibitors are not to accost attendees in the aisle or in other exhibitor’s displays.  Any breach of this regulation will be dealt with severely.
Handouts of promotional material or product are strictly prohibited outside the confines of your exhibit space.
Photographing another exhibitor’s display is not permitted without consent of the exhibitor.  In addition, exhibitors are reminded that visiting other displays is by invitation only and are requested to observe this fundamental courtesy at all times.
Violation of any of the above mentioned conditions could result in the immediate cancellation of the exhibitor’s contract and all funds due or paid will be forfeited, and will result in immediate eviction from the show.

Cancellation by Exhibitor

In the event of a cancellation by an exhibitor, after March 1, 2018, Show Management shall retain the exhibit fee unless a suitable replacement exhibitor can be found to purchase the space.   There will be an administrative fee of $100.00 for all cancellations. All cancellations must be received in writing. No refunds will be given after March 9, 2018.
Please note that completing the registration online indicates that you have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions as outlined in this Exhibitor Prospectus and as follows:

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Contract between the Exhibitor and the NEFEC.  ("Management")
1. Management reserves the right to alter or change the space assigned to the Exhibitor. Management further reserves the right, at its sole discretion to change the date or dates upon which the show is held, or to cancel the show, and shall not be liable in damages or otherwise by reason of any such change or cancellation, other than to refund in full any amounts paid by the Exhibitor to Management.
2. The Exhibitor shall comply with all rules and regulations by Management for the show and agrees that Management’s decision to adopt and enforce any such rule or regulation shall be final and binding.
3. The Exhibitor is responsible for compliance with all applicable law, bylaw, ordinances, regulations, requirements, codes and standards, including those with respect to fire, safety, health and environmental matters and shall ensure that all equipment, materials and goods used by the Exhibitor so comply.
4. The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold Management harmless from and against any loss, injury or damages whatsoever suffered by Management as a result of the Exhibitor’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this contract or as a result of the Exhibitors participation in the show, including without limitation, any third party claim against Management with respect to loss, injury or damage sustained or suffered by any other exhibitors, the owner of the building, attendees of the show, and their respective directors, officers, agents and employees.
5. This contract may be canceled by either party provided written notice is received by the other by March 1, 2018, in which case all monies paid by the Exhibitors will be refunded less an administration fee of $100 per display. If the Exhibitor cancels after such date, it will be responsible for the full contract price.
6. Management reserves the right at any time to alter or remove exhibits or any part thereof, including printed material, products, signs, lights or sound, and to expel exhibitors or their personnel if, in Management’s opinion, their conduct or presentation is objectionable to Management or to other show participants.
7. Exhibitor’s display must comply with all requirements of Management and of the owner of the building, including maximum height requirements. The Exhibitor must provide at least one, and not more than two staff per display/marketplace, to maintain display during show hours. The Exhibitor agrees to confine its presentation to the contracted space only.
8. All goods shipped to the show must be clearly marked with the name of the Exhibitor and the number of the display space. Goods must not be shipped to the show with any shipping charges to be paid on arrival as any such goods will not be accepted by Management. Management assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to the Exhibitor’s goods or property either before, during or after the show.
9. In consideration of the Exhibitor’s participation in the show, the Exhibitor hereby releases Management, its directors, officers, agents and employees from any and all claims, losses, or damages whatsoever suffered or sustained by the Exhibitor in connection with its participation in the show, including, without limitation, any claims for loss or theft of property, personal injury, or loss of business or profits, whether arising from any act of Management or otherwise.
10. The Exhibitor is responsible for the placement and cost of insurance relating to its participation in the show. The Exhibitor shall carry liability insurance of $2 million with a $500 deductible, as well as such additional insurance as may be required by Management. The Exhibitor agrees to furnish to Management, certificates of insurance pertaining to all policies of insurance carried by the Exhibitor together with satisfactory evidence from the insurers of the continuation of such policies. If the Exhibitor fails to comply with any of the foregoing, in addition to any other rights or remedies available to Management at law or under this contract, Management shall have the right to take possession of the display space for such purposes as it sees fit and the Exhibitor will be held liable for the full contract price for the said space.
11. The Exhibitor agrees that no display may be dismantled or goods removed during the entire run of the show or a penalty of $250.00 shall be paid and the exhibitor will not be allowed to participate in any further NEFEC shows. The Exhibitor agrees to remove the exhibit, equipment and appurtenances from the show building by the final move out time. In the event of failure to do so, the Exhibitor agrees to pay for such additional costs as may be incurred by Management.
12. The Exhibitor will comply with the rules and regulations of any unionized contractors, which may be selected by Management to service the exhibitors. Any dispute between the Exhibitor and any such contractor or union representative will be referred to Management for resolution, whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties.
13. Management reserves the right to cancel this contract and to withhold possession of the space or to expel the Exhibitor there from if the Exhibitor fails to comply with any terms and conditions of this contract or the show rules and regulation, in which case the Exhibitor shall forfeit as liquidated damages and not as a penalty all payments made pursuant to this contract, all without limiting Management’s other rights and remedies at law under this contract as a result of such failure to comply.



Conference Location and Accommodations


1235 Deerhurst Drive, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada P1H 2E8

Ontario's Destination Resort & Conference Centre
Fronting Peninsula Lake, just south of North Bay, Deerhurst Resort has become known as Ontario’s premier destination resort and conference center. Echoing the relaxed setting of Muskoka – one of National Geographic Traveler Magazine “Best of the World 2012” recommended places to visit, Deerhurst Resort offers 760 acres of truly inspiring breakout space. Featuring invigorating four-season outdoor recreation and team building, spa relaxation, renowned cuisine and breathtaking event space, it’s easy to see why Deerhurst Resort is known as such a special place. With expertise honed by hosting the G8 Summit and other high profile events, our seasoned planners will make sure that your NEFEC 2018 experience is unforgettable.
Deerhurst Resort offers a wide array of contemporary guest accommodations to suit your needs. All feature contemporary amenities that encourage work and relaxation, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, and comfortable beds crowned with feather duvets. Awaken to gleaming lake views from our lakeside guest rooms. Step out onto balconies from main building rooms and feel rejuvenated by the Muskoka air. Gather with colleagues around the fireplace in newly renovated Junior one-bedroom suites, re-imagined by HGTV Canada's "Designer Guys.” Our luxurious condos are ideal for guests that seek more space in which to entertain clients or connect with friends.

Resort Map

Click on image to download the map.


Room Types

Please note: Elevator access is available in the Pavilion and Bayshore buildings only. Summit Lodges and condos have stair access only.  
Check in time is 4:00pm and check out time is 11:00am. 
There is a 6% Resort Fee (RF) on all accommodations.  A one-nights deposit is required for all reservations.
Lakeside Guest Rooms:  Newly renovated rooms located at the beach. These rooms feature two queen beds, mini fridge, sitting area, and stunning view of the lake. 5min walk to the Main Building.  Shuttle available to/from the main building.
Pavilion Room 2 Queen: Main building with two queen beds, mini fridge, television, desk, safe, internet, radio, cd player and most with balcony or terrace.  Main Building Guest Rooms & Suites (10-minute walk to lake) Be in the center of it all in these cozy guest accommodations, located in the Pavilion. 
Summit Lodge Suite King: 1 Bedroom Suite, recently renovated with 1 king bed.  Suites feature living room, stand-up shower, fireplace, kitchenette and a balcony. Please note there is no elevator access.  There is a common room in the centre of all Summit Lodges offering a great place to gather and network. $155.00 per night. 
Summit Lodge Suite Double:  1 Bedroom Suite, recently renovated with 2 double beds.  Suites feature living room, stand-up shower, fireplace, kitchenette and a balcony.  Please note there is no elevator access.  There is a common room in the centre of all Summit Lodges offering a great place to gather and network. 
2 Bedroom Condo:  Newly renovated includes 1 king bed in master bedroom, 2 queen beds in second bedroom, Separate living room with fireplace and DVD player, Kitchen with full size appliances.  Each room has its own bathroom.  Shuttle available to/from the main building. Can accommodate 3-4 people. 
Greens 3 Bedroom Condo: Our newly renovated condo features a golf course view, 1 king bed in the master bedroom, 2 queen beds in the second bedroom and 1 queen bed in the third bedroom. Living room with fireplace, DVD player and kitchen. Located 3 minutes from main building and 5 minutes from lake.  Each room has it's own bathroom. Sleeps 4-6. 

Deerhurst Resort Reservations

Important:  All reservations must be accompanied by a one nights’ room and tax deposit, in the form of a cheque, major credit card or by the organization. Deerhurst Resort will not hold any rooms unless a deposit has been made at time of reservation. The balance of the attendees full stay total is required at the time of check in. The entire amount payable to Deerhurst Resort is earned in full as of that date. If the balance is not paid to Deerhurst Resort by that date, Deerhurst Resort may release the room. If the reservation is cancelled after that date or the guest’s stay is shortened, all amounts paid to Deerhurst Resort are non-refundable.
Reservations:  To reserve you room, please call 1-800-461-4393 
Please Note:  If you are booking a condo online, it states that housekeeping is not included.   Please note that housekeeing IS included for NEFEC guests.

Amenities and Activities at Deerhurst Resort

Whatever activities you seek – from summertime splashing in the lake, winter sports or off-road adventures – with all 760 acres offered, your Ontario getaway at Deerhurst Resort is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Enjoy everything from exceptional golf, boating, Treetop Trekking and horseback riding in summer to skiing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, skating in winter. Be sure to explore our local town of Huntsville with its Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery and unique shops, just minutes away. The sheer scope of activities and things to do right on property is unmatched by any other Ontario resort.
Muskoka was named as one of National Geographic’s “100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life” in 2013.
Activities/amenities include:
  • Deerhurst Resort features an indoor swimming pool with a whirlpool and children’s wading pool, plus two seasonal outdoor pools located throughout the property.
  • Indoor rock climbing wall provides a challenge for all ages with different degrees of difficulty. Test your strength and reach for the top!
  • Indoor games room fun!  The lively indoor games room will make you feel like you have crossed into another world. Play these entertaining carnival style games and collect enough tickets to win the big prize! Open daily year-round. No advance booking required.
  • Visit the stables at Deerhurst and take part in one of their many activities. Enjoy a guided trail ride on horseback. For ages 10+, no experience necessary. Available daily except Wednesdays.
  • Discover the joys of Maple Syrup right here in Muskoka. From maple inspired menus, sugar shacks to the Muskoka Maple Festival, everything maple is right here, Yum!
  • Pick up a hiking map and explore the countryside around the resort. Hit the trails and head up to Lookout Point for a magical view of the resort or try the NEW sanctuary trail.

Shizen Spa

“Shizen” means “nature” in Japanese, and Shizen Spa’s nature-inspired treatments bring together the finest techniques from around the globe to help transform your body, mind and soul. There are massages to reward your team for a job well done, and body treatments to help you recover after an energizing day of outdoor adventures. Feel nourished by the earthy décor of rich wood and natural stone, as well as the spa’s friendly, experienced team. Welcome to the Shizen Moment™.
  • Massage & body treatments
  • Shizen rituals & retreats
  • Facials
  • Couples’ treatments
  • Nail care

Trade Show Floor Plan

Click on the image below to view the interactive floor plan


2018 Exhibitor List

To view the trade show floorplan, click here

3M | Scott Safety 401
A.J. Stone Co. Ltd. 203
Air Technology Solutions 600
ALG Safety 404
Angus Fire 403
Annex/FFIC/Firehall Bookstore 204
Canadian Fire Alarm Association 602
Canadian Safety Equipment Inc. 115
Carleton Uniforms 410
Carrier Centers 405
Code 4 Fire & Rescue Inc. 512
Darch Fire Incorporated 608
Dependable Emergency Services 114
Fire Bug Inc. 311
Fire Marque 206
FireQ-RVS (Breton Smartek) 413
Fireworks FX 213
Fisher's Regalia & Uniforms 215
Fort Garry Fire Trucks Ltd. 500
FORTLOG Services 105
GovDeals, Inc. 214
Handy Hydrant Inc 618
ICO Technologies 104
Inservus Management 202
ITM Instruments 210
Kappler Inc. 407
Krown Corporate/Krown Rust Control 208
Lakeshore Hydrant Services Inc. 612
Lightning Equipment Sales Inc. 100
Lion Distribution Inc. 113
M & L Supply Fire & Safety 516
Martin & Levesque/Blauer Canada 107
Metz Fire & Rescue Supply 303
Municipal Equipment 415
Nederman Canada Ltd. 211
North City General Insurance Brokers Ltd. 504
OAFC 614
PPE Solutions 604
Pro Fleet Care 102
Provix 620
Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) 616
Rescue 7 Inc 106
ResQtech Systems Inc. 312
SafeDesign Apparel Inc. 506
Safetek Emergency Vehicles Ltd. 209
Sani-Gear Fire 307
Southwest Fire Academy 308
Spectrum Telecom Group Ltd. 502
SPI Health and Safety 313
Talbot Marketing/Uniforms 310
The Loomex Group 309
Trans Canada Safety 212
Uniform Uniforms 409
VFIS 103
Whelen Canada 305
Wilfrid Laurier University 408

Trade Show Agenda

Friday, March 23, 2017
10:00 - 15:30
Setup & Registration
16:00 - 21:00
Trade Show Open
19:00 - 21:00
Welcome Meet & Greet (Networking) Reception
Saturday, March 24, 2017
8:30 - 17:00
Education Conference
10:30 - 12:00 Coffee Break - Dedicated Attendee Trade Show Time
10:00 - 13:00
Trade Show
13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 17:30
Trade Show Tear Down
Banquet Reception and Banquet (ticket required)

Sponsorship-Marketing Opportunities

With the generous support of sponsors we are able to offer attendees educational guest speakers, entertaining evening functions and delicious refreshments. For exhibitors, sponsorships and marketing opportunities help you engage the customers you need to grow your business.
Sponsorships are powerful opportunities to gain competitive edge, maintain customer loyalty, identify new markets and achieve marketing goals. Our marketing opportunities help you focus directly on your desired audience as our event is specifically targeted to the people who use your products and services everyday.
The staff and committee members of the NEFEC work diligently to save you money on the exhibit space, overnight accommodations and business travel time. It is our hope that exhibitors will re-invest the extra funds in the form of a sponsorship, and take your marketing and sales beyond the booth. 
Each NEFEC sponsorship opportunity includes special inclusions, customized to that package.  The following benefits are also included in all opportunities:
  • First choice of booth location at the event venue,
  • Electronic copy of the 2018 conference registration list with contact details,
  • Recognition on the NEFEC website with direct access to company website,
  • Signage at the event,
  • Opportunity to provide a delegate bag insert,
  • Use of the NEFEC logo. Upon creative approval.

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

Annual Banquet Saturday, March 24, 2018
Celebrate another successful conference and trade show with over 350 guests!  A semi-formal evening, sponsors branding will be incorporated into the entire evening.  Sponsors will receive a table for eight, with complimentary wine, branded centerpieces and have the opportunity to address and welcome guests to YOUR evening!
Annual Banquet Reception Saturday, March 24, 2018
Host the pre-banquet reception highlighting your company’s branding into the event.  Each guest will receive a complimentary beverage and some nibbles while guests freely chat with one another providing a valuable networking experience.  Your company’s logo will be included in the beverage tickets and throughout the event.
Networking Reception  Friday, March 23, 2018
The Networking Reception is one of the most highly regarded events of the conference! Over the years, attendees have enjoyed amazing food as they wander through the trade show. As a sponsor of the Networking Reception your branding will be included in all aspects of the event.
Delegate Gift
Everyone LOVES the delegate gift.  Ensure you marketing goes beyond-the-booth by sponsoring the item that delegates use every day.  Your company logo will be placed on the item (along with the NEFEC logo). Co-sponsors are welcome!
Welcome Pub Night Thursday, March 22, 2018
A great way to welcome delegates to the event, in a fun relaxing atmosphere!  As hosts of the evening, have company representatives greet all guests while they enjoy a complimentary beverage from you and some yummy appetizers.  Your company’s branding will be included in all aspects of the event - A great way to start off NEFEC!
Entertainment at the Banquet Saturday, April 1
Everyone loves to be entertained!  The sponsor of the entertainment will get to introduce and thank our AMAZING world-class entertainer.  Recognition to the sponsor will be given before and during the show – great way to make a lasting impression!
Conference Breakfast - 3 Available
Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day. Capture the attendee’s attention by sponsoring all breakfasts during the conference. As a sponsor your company logo will be incorporated into all promotions during breakfast and you will have the opportunity to provide marketing materials placed throughout the breakfast tables.
$2,000 per breakfast
Conference Coffee Breaks – Multiple Available
Long days require lots of coffee. Get yourself front and centre with the conference attendees by sponsoring their coffee breaks - twice a day - throughout the length of the conference. As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to place marketing and company information throughout the breaks. Full day sponsors get additional branded cups!
Conference Lunch - 3 Available
Treat 300 conference attendees to a lunch during one of the conference days. As a sponsor your company branding will be incorporated into the meal room and you have the opportunity to provide company materials to be placed at each lunch. (Package for sponsoring all lunches is also available and includes additional benefits – customized to your brand)
$1,500.00 per lunch
Workshop Sponsor
Keeping up training and continuing education is VITAL in the fire service.  The NEFEC offers 5 workshops on Sunday, March 25, 2018 geared to assist attendees in their continuing education.   By sponsoring a workshop, you get recognition during the workshop including your company’s branding, an opportunity to introduce the workshop speaker and address attendees and recognition on certificates.  A great way to give back to the fire service!
Guest Speaker
A great way to put yourself in front of the audience.  Each guest speaker sponsor will get to introduce the speaker and provide a short message directly to the audience that buys your products or services.  An invaluable opportunity!
Companions Program
This is a great opportunity to give back to those who support your customers. The companion program offers unique excursions in the surrounding area.  As a sponsor your branding will be included in all aspects of the event and you can send a company host to participate.

Whether you choose one of our pre-determined packages or would like to create your own custom program to fit your company’s specific needs, our sponsorship opportunities will help you focus directly on your desired audience and your return on investment.  Don’t miss a great opportunity to give back to the northeastern fire service by having your company front-and-centre!
If you are interested in sponsoring any element of the NEFEC, or customizing your own package, please contact Michelle O’Hara at 905-426-9865 x222 or by email to
Please note: Sponsorship proposals will be negotiated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Dining Options at Deerhurst

Discover the delicious tastes of Muskoka dining in Huntsville where the restaurants of Deerhurst are committed to the “eat local” food movement. Director of Food & Beverage Rory Golden has been a true advocate for Ontario growers and producers, assisting in the creation of the Savour Muskoka culinary trail. Now, Executive Chef, David Bakker is continuing and furthering that trend working with 20 local food producers. Seasonally, Deerhurst harvests its own honey, herbs, shiitake mushrooms and maple syrup right at the resort.

Eclipse Dining Room - A Muskoka Favourite

Sweeping lake vistas are the ideal accompaniments to generous breakfasts and great dining experiences with family and friends. Our signature Savour Muskoka inspired dining room is known for locally-inspired menus, bountiful buffets, Muskoka’s longest running Sunday brunch and experienced and courteous service. 
Reservations required for dinner seatings.

Compass Grill & Bar

Centrally located just steps from the lobby, Compass Grill & Bar is the place to gather for a refreshing cocktail, casual intimate dinner or an exquisite glass of wine. Here, the menu is pleasantly familiar bistro fare with an inviting twist, celebrating inspiring choices in a contemporary Muskoka setting.
Sunday – Thursday: 4pm – 11pm, Fridays & Saturdays: 3pm – 12am

Maple Pub & Patio

Grab some friends and settle in while enjoying the best selection of pub classics, and cool beverages after a day meetings, on the course, on the water, relaxing or doing outdoor adventures.
Casual atmosphere and casual dining.

Hidden Valley Resort - The Birches Restaurant

Muskoka hospitality and dining at its finest, overlooking Peninsula Lake Huntsville Muskoka.
The Birches Restaurant promotes local suppliers and features menu offerings that highlight local products.

Options in Huntsville

Spencer’s Tall Trees

A Culinary treat in the center of Huntsville, Tall Trees enjoys a reputation for quality food, wine and hospitality. Chef/Owner Randy Spencer produces simple yet elegant classics with the finest & most unique products available creating balanced and innovative dishes carefully married to the restaurant's award winning wine list. His daily 3 course table d’hote is a favourite with the locals and visitors alike, not only for the quality but as well the value. 
87 Main St W, Huntsville, ON P1H 1X1
Reservations:  (705) 789-9769

On the Docks Pub

On the Docks Pub has been the hot spot for visitors and locals in the Huntsville area for the last 20 years. It is the epitome of Muskoka Cottage life. Relaxed atmosphere by day and summer party central every night! Located in the heart of Huntsville and right on the town dock; it doesn’t get more central than this!
Phone: (705) 789-7910

Address: 90 Main Street East, Huntsville, Ontario.

Destination Overview

Visiting Huntsville

Huntsville is nestled in the heart of Muskoka, Ontario, located in the hilly terrain of the Canadian Shield and is dotted with many lakes. Due to its natural beauty and abundant natural resources Huntsville is known as a major tourist destination drawing people from around the world. The Toronto Star ranked the town the #1 place to take a summer trip in 2011.  


You will always feel welcome in this inclusive community all months of the year.  Huntsville is a great vacation destination to browse, shop, eat and stay and is also the major gateway to Algonquin Provincial Park.  There are plenty of things to do while you're are here.

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