Thank you to those who attended FireCon 2015. 

The tentative dates for FireCon 2016 are September 8-9-10, 2016 in Thunder Bay, Ontario

About FireCon

With 300 firefighters descending to Thunder Bay, Ontario for some serious training over three days in mid September, FireCon has become an important part of the regional camaraderie that has developed amongst the fire service across the Northwest since its inception.
Originally focused on core fire fighting activities such as fire suppressions and search and rescue, the training programs offered at FireCon today have come to reflect the realities faced by fire departments in serving their respective home communities.   
FireCon is more than just training.  It is the rendezvous of the fire service in Northwestern Ontario.  The Suppliers Trade Show is where you can get on-the-spot answers to your questions regarding equipment and services from company experts.  The FireCon Annual Banquet provides the opportunity to have a delicious meal, be entertained while networking with your colleagues from around northwestern Ontario.

FireCon offers a place to network and exchange knowledge and ideas, meet and hear of news from afar. 

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The following is a sample of FireCon program offerings.  2016 Information will be available in the New Year.

FireCon 2015 - Programs

Each program includes trade show access, opening ceremonies and networking, lunch, refreshments and a ticket to the annual banquet on Saturday evening.  Delegates are responsible for booking their own hotel accommodations.
Program A – Live Fire
September 10 (Fit Testing) 11 & 12 - 2 Day Course
Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Regional Training Centre, 750 Hammond Avenue, Thunder Bay
Minimum:  60 Maximum:  120
Time:  September 10 - 13:00-16:00 (Fit Testing)
September 11 & 12 – 07:00-17:00
For 2015, the Live Fire Track will be provided by a partnership between Thunder Bay Fire Rescue and Draeger Safety. Draeger will be providing their LiFFT system training props.
This partnership will allow FireCon to provide its largest and most diverse offering of fire training to the most students at the same time.
There will be 6 evolutions available for students of which you must pick 4 at the time of registration.  Availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Options are:
  • Car Fire
  • Propane Barbecue Fire
  • Bulk Propane Fire
  • Extinguisher Training Fire
  • Flashover and Rollover Fire 
  • Air Management Maze
As with other fire tracks previously offered, students are required to have a current face piece fit-tested to the SCBA (plus 1 extra cylinder) that they will bring. Due to time constraints, there will be a limited ability to provide fit tests. Please indicate on your registration if you require SCBA to be provided.  Fit testing will only be done on Thursday September 10, 2015 between 1300hrs and 1600hrs.
It will be the responsibility of all students to provide the necessary PPE in serviceable condition that would be required for structural fire fighting.
All students should be prepared for training days with early start times and strict schedules in order to get all the evolutions completed. With the extensive use of propane at the site during FireCon, there is a no smoking policy enforced at the entire training center.
For the safety of all students, instructors and support staff, incident management system principles and practices will be followed. This will include fire ground accountability so please bring accountability tags.
The time at the training centre will be considered and managed as a fire ground incident. All personnel on the fire ground will respect the IMS and chain of command principles at all times. This will give students who are not as familiar with this process, a chance to be part of a large incident and learn the values in applying incident management and incident command principles at an incident.
PPE Requirements:  Current SCBA face fit test, structural fire fighting PPE, accountability tags, 1 SCBA plus 1 additional cylinder per student
Pre-Requisites:  SCBA training, hose evolutions, search and rescue.
NFPA compliant. Students will receive certificates of participation.
Program B – Public Education
September 11 & 12 - 2 Day Course
Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre, Thunder Bay
Minimum:  12 Maximum:  24
Time:  08:30-16:00
Friday will feature a full-day workshop on TAPP-C (The Arson Prevention Program for Children) providing a detailed overview on the problem of juvenile fire setting in Ontario and the fire safety education component of the program. The TAPP-C manual for Aboriginal children and youth will also be discussed. The session is geared to fire service educators however, other community partners, such as children’s mental health agencies and police services would also benefit from this workshop. 
Saturday morning’s session will focus on inspection and enforcement.  The afternoon's session will focus on strategies and tools for planning public education activities throughout the year. Participants will have the opportunity to put the tools into practice and devise an annual plan for their own communities.
Program C – Leadership – Staying Safe in a Changing Fire World
September 11 & 12, 2015 – 2 Day Course
Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre, Thunder Bay
Minimum:  15  Maximum:  50
Time: 08:30 – 16:00
The Leadership Track is directed at fire officers and chiefs.  It provides an opportunity for direct discussion with leaders in the fire service including recognized experts and officials. 2015 Leadership Track sessions will include insight and wisdom from keynote speaker Anthony Kelleher, first hand discussion of the Ontario fire service from the Ontario Fire Marshal, revelations on the benefits of Twitter, efficient fire service operations and, technical expertise from OFM staff and industry association representatives. 
Leadership delegates will also be given a demonstration from the Ministry of Natural Resources that includes tankers, helicopters and other equipment.
Program D - IMS 200 Basic Incident Management System and IMS 910 Basic Incident Management System Instructor
September 11 & 12, 2015 – 2 Day Course
Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre
Minimum:  10  Maximum:  24
Times:  09:00 – 16:00
This course is designed for individuals potentially involved in implementing IMS at simple incidents or during the early phases of a complex incident. Participants will solidify their knowledge of core principles and concepts of incident management functions and organizations. This course will provide opportunities to learn how to command a simple incident and will receive an introduction to incident action plan. Participants will familiarize themselves with incident facilities, resource management and the management of communication.
Pre-Requisite:  IMS 100 - Can be taken online at
Important Note:  Students must also register at
Program E – Emergency Care of the Pediatric Patient
Neebing Municipal Centre - 4766 Hwy 61
September 11 & 12, 2015 – 2 Day Course
Minimum:  10  Maximum:  20
Times:  08:00 – 16:30
Emergency care of the pediatric patient in trauma and non-trauma setting.
Participants will be able to enhance assessment skills and appropriate treatments for care of the child in a variety of situations.
Pre-class assignment will include overview of normal growth and development of infant to teenager.
Learned knowledge will be applied through skill based practical scenarios on Day 2. 
Training Program or Standard: Red Cross Emergency Care
Pre-requisites: Standard First Aid CPR
Student PPE Requirements:  Safety Boots
Program F – Auto Extrication
Location:  Bucks Auto, 305 -104th Street, Thunder Bay
September 11 & 12, 2015 – 2 Day Course
Minimum:  20  Maximum:  25
Times:  08:30-16:00
This course is comprised of a combination of basic and advanced evolutions.
In this course, key elements include: 
  • Understanding hydraulics and new car technology and how the two relate to one another from a practical and performance standpoint
  • The finer points of basic and advanced evolutions
  • The 10 power evolutions that comprise 85% of extrications, understanding tool placement and angles, choosing the right tools and why.
  • Textbook rescue versus real road rescue – knowing which shortcuts to take and how and why the evolutions are impacted
  • Vehicle stabilization with struts
  • Purchase point techniques
  • Door removal techniques
  • Dash displacement techniques with ram
  • Dash displacement techniques with spreader
  • Roof removal techniques

Student PPE Requirements:  Full PPE - Gloves, glasses, helmet, bunker gear.


Thank You to our 2015 Supporters

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About Emergency North Training

Emergency North Training Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated entity with the stated objective of developing and delivering, alone or in co-operation with others, educational programs and services for members of the public and persons who respond to emergencies in northwestern Ontario. For the past twenty-four years, Emergency North Training, staffed with only volunteers, has developed critical regional training for firefighters and emergency first responders for municipalities, unincorporated territories and First Nations.  The main training forum, held each September, is known as FireCon.

We at Emergency North Training recognize that municipal budgets in northwestern Ontario are under significant pressure to reduce costs and spending.  With that said, the training offered at FireCon, on a per-student basis is likely the best opportunity for your first responders to receive affordable training to a recognized standard.Training delivered at FireCon is to standards that are acceptable to the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management and the Ministry of Labour.

Without the collaboration and partnerships with the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs and our many corporate sponsors, Emergency North Training and FireCon would not be possible.

Included in the training fee is lunch, refreshments and access to our Supplier Trade Show where attendees have the opportunity to see the latest technology and products available today in the fire service.  On Saturday evening, attendees are able to gather at our annual banquet which provides an opportunity to network with their peers and enjoy some light entertainment.

Emergency North Training considers it a privilege to be of service to our membership and the Ontario fire service.  We pride ourselves in delivering training that is affordable, accessible and attainable. FireCon offers a great place to network, exchange ideas and knowledge, meet new people and hear news from afar. It is the rendezvous of the fire and emergency service in northwestern Ontario.  

The Charlie Turgeon Exemplary Service Award

Emergency North Training Incorporated, a not for profit corporation with the objectives of developing and delivering educational programs and services for the fire and emergency services in northwestern Ontario provides recognition of exemplary service to fire service training in the northwest through the Charlie Turgeon Exemplary Service Award.

The Charlie Turgeon Exemplary Service Award recognizes individuals and groups who through their actions, have provided exemplary effort to improve the fire and emergency services in northwestern Ontario.
The award is named after the late Charlie Turgeon who dedicated his time and resources to improving the training level of fire and emergency service members.