Welland couple escapes house fire

Welland couple escapes house fire
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Working smoke alarms alerted a Welland couple to a fire in their home Tuesday morning, allowing them to safely escape says Welland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Chief Adam Eckhart.

Unfortunately, he says, one of the couple's two dogs did not survive despite efforts made by firefighters to revive the animal.

Eckhart says firefighters were called to 4 Barrington Dr., on the northeast corner of Barrington and Endicott Terrace, just before 8:30 a.m.

"The family was asleep in the home … they reported hearing smoke alarms. They escaped and called 911," he says, adding they did the right thing by getting out and staying out.

He says not only did the couple call 911 but so did numerous other people in the area.

"Neighbours called for help right away."

Those calls helped cut down the response time and allowed firefighters to get the blaze under control quickly. The fire was in a room above the garage of the home, with large windows overlooking the street.

"Firefighters went inside and made sure everyone was out of the home and made a fire attack inside. They suppressed and contained the fire."

Five fire trucks and 32 firefighters were on scene. A Niagara Emergency Medical Services ambulance and paramedics were on standby around the corner from the fire and Niagara Regional Police had the area blocked off.

Eckhart says there were two pets in the home and the couple was able to escape with one.

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